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    Any info on the Wmns Jordan Jazzy Belle snow boot? *pics*

    I just wanted to know if there was any info posted about this particular snow boot, I can't find it anywhere, either sale wise or info wise. I need some release info or a place where I can buy because no one has heard of it here in Memphis, including my fellow Nike coworkers.
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    Vans Syndicate and bulletproof?

    Can someone tell me where I would be able to cop these two vans below. I have been looking for these everywhere |I - Vans Chukka Syndicate Brown - Vans Half Cab bulletproof White
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    Stash x Wallabee Preview

    info via
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    Envyd - New Street Culture Surfstation

    Envyd is dedicated to every fashion, sneaker, music and street culture enthusiast. Our goal is to redefine the meaning of a n Online Magazine by providing the common hipsters with the latest and freshest product news and releases surfacing the globe. Envyd is also a place where staff post about...
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    just checking in Oakland high NT in hea Graduates or present TEAM WARRIORSAzubuike - Barnes - Biedrins - Belinelli - Davis - Ellis - FoyleHarrington - Jackson - Jasikevicius - O'Bryant - Pietrus - Powell - Wright
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    :eek :eek :eek I need some SVSM's.
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    It's that time again.
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    delete TEAM NJ NETSThe most dangerous team in the east.
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    Bubba Gump Restaurants???EDIT, what about boilingcrab?

    I will be in the area this weekend and I wanted to check out either the Long Beach location or the Santa Monica location. I was wondering if it is even worth it to go to these places or any tips would be nice. I will probably be in the Irvine area and I wanted to know if its worth the drive...
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    Best paint for customing shoes!

    I've just started the custom business and just wanted to know what would be the best paint to use on leather shoes. also what tips can anybody give me. I know probably this has been posted but I have no time to look. :rolleyes
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    Detroit NT'ers

    Whats good all? Im from Detroit moved dow nt oTexas im headed back up there tommorow so my question is whats poppin up there this month? Stack B. GOOOOOOOONSET _Im not the one definitely not the two_
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    Review Request: adidas KG 4

    Looking get some shoes, saw these for a decent price...wondering how they were. I'm 6'1 225 lbs. and play PF & C. Any help would be great, Thanks! What?...
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    Anyone live in Jersey AND work in NYC??

    been thinking about for a while on whether or not i should ask at my job to transfer me from my current location (Elizabeth) to Manahatten. The only thing is I dont know if the commute to the city & paying extra taxes (anyone mind breaking down exactly how it works with the taxes) is worth it to...
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    New Jersey, I gotta question??????

    Fill me in with William Patterson University and the area. What's it like? the people? the females? the night life? I might go to school there in the fall to play ball.
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    DODGER STADIUM JUNE 29TH, FRIDAY, 7PM READ BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS: YO FOR THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING.... WE'RE GONNA SIT IN THE "ALL YOU CAN EAT SECTION TO MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR EVERYONE" tix are $40 each that includes all you can eat, only thing you will have to pay for is candy, beer or ice...
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    where can I get PEACE magazine?

    is it only in Canada? can someone send me a few copies? thanks DJ Homicide, DJ AM, DJ Ben Baller = A M C
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    Foamposite One's in Orlando area?

    Anyone know if any stores in the Orlando area are getting the foamposite one? Men's Closet? Footaction? Anywhere? Don't see how they could release a Penny retro and not drop any in the Orlando area. "See, I never just did things just to do them. Come on, what am I gonna do? Just all of a sudden...
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    DOUG BANKS morning show question

    What happened to Doug and De-De on V100 in Milwaukee? This morning Steve Harvey was in their slot. On the web site it says home of the Steve Harvey show now.... they didn't give any indication they were leaving what happened? I STARTED SMALL TIME DOPE GAME COCAINE
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    ..Seattle GOODS------New Era Fitted HELP Highlander HELP can anyone in seattle or pacific northwest that can take a trip to goods pick me up a fitted i will give you extra money for the hat and extra fees and more extra cash EMAIL: or just EZ inbox me. i'm paypal ready and i...
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    Where can I find a TMX (Tickle Me Elmo) at?

    In need of one. Down south we get paid. Don't know about you.
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