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  1. 23nokaoi


    Just like the title says. I need these ASAP as they will be a gift. Prefer DS, but VNDS, NDS works as well. If worn, must be casually, not hooped in. Must have og box too. Again size 10.5-11 ONLY!!! Paypal is method of payment only and you must be verified/confirmed to cover both our...
  2. 23nokaoi

    Zoom KD 2 sizing help!

    Hi NT, need help on how the Zoom KD 2 fit. More specifically the Texas colorway. I don't have a wide foot, I range in size 10.5-11. I wear 10.5 in Air Penny 1 retro, Air More Tempo, Air Jordan V retro, Air Jordan IX retro, Air Jordan III retro (2011 wht/cement). But then I wear an 11 in Air...
  3. 23nokaoi

    Price check on Zoom Kobe Vs-Please Help!!!

    Hey NT I'm looking to getting a few pairs of Zoom Kobe V. Just need to know how much each pair goes for, I don't want to over-pay for a pair. I'm mainly a Jordan guy, thats why I don't know prices. Any help will be appreciated. Please post prices for Deadstock w/ og box, size 11 Dark Knight...
  4. 23nokaoi

    Price check on Son Of Glove and white/crimson Zoom Generation

    Hey guys just wondering how much would a pair of original Son Of Gloves black/white worn around a few times (basically NDS) with og box size 10.5 go for? What kind of trade value as far as Jordans go would they get? How much would a VNDS pair of white/crimson Zoom Generation with og box go for...
  5. 23nokaoi

    Price check on Penny 2 Atlantics

    As title says size 10.5 and no og box. All help is appreciated!
  6. 23nokaoi

    Review request: Jordan True Flight

    Has anyone tried these out on the court yet? I love the way the VII's feel when I play and just wanted to know how these compare to the VII's. My pair of basketball use only VII's are beat to death and looking for a similar pair to play ball in. Also do these have regular air or zoom air? Input...
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