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  1. haiti5

    2012 McDonalds All American Game ESPN 8:30PM Tonight

    looking forward to seeing Rasheed Suliamon Duke commit  and Shabazz Muhammad
  2. haiti5


    kinda dope tho...cant front
  3. haiti5

    Kevin Durant's Dunk in the Drew League

  4. haiti5

    Help Me Find A Job in NYC !!

    Sup guys I'm planning on moving to NYC fairly soon and I'm looking to be gainfully employed. I figure ive networked with nters before so ill try again. I have a bachelors and experience working in single family investment offices and business development. However, I'm open to do pretty much...
  5. haiti5

    6 Years Later...1st Infantry Still Goes Hard (pause)

    "Hold You Down" "Bangers" "Tick tok" "The Essence"
  6. haiti5

    I Feel Like J Cole's debut will be EXTREMELY SOLID (compared to other XXL Frosh)

    the songs he has been dropping havent caught my ear..but they grow on me..a pretty good sign i guess im positive itll be better than wale and asher's and currensy..
  7. haiti5

    They Said Finding a Job When You Already have one is Easy...They lied

    seriously..i didnt realize how tough it was out here until i started lookin around  ..i been wanting to leave my current gig for like 6 months and aint found nothing.. at the economy
  8. haiti5

    ***** 32 Bars Young Rilla ft. Soope (produced by an NTer?) WHO MADE THIS BEAT? ******
  9. haiti5

    Anyone else get the feeling Epic Beard Man fight is fake?

    seriously..the bus is just standing there..the way the guys are squaring off in the 2nd video..somethin jus dont seem right
  10. haiti5

    Derrick Rose Injured Unappreciation

    bruised hip..
  11. haiti5

    Funny NT'ers that Need to be on Twitter Vol: come on stragglers

    OGBOBBY ? purpleface .. crank ? any others ?
  12. haiti5

    Why is Philly So Overlooked when it comes to Rap ?

    soooo much talent in philly..yet only chris gets the most shine due his previous roc affilations..but truth be told there are better rappers 
  13. haiti5

    Brett Favre Reallllllly Took A Beating

    Brett's Bruises
  14. haiti5


    the black character with like mini braids waving around.. hope thats a good enough description
  15. haiti5

    **God Bless Brazil Vol:CREEUUUUU**

  16. haiti5

    Stephon Marbury Signs with CBA Team**

    signed with the CBA ...Chinese basketball FTW!
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