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  1. daaznfella

    Wireless Power Beats 2s are $65 at Target for those that are interested.

    Here's something for you guys, older Wireless Powerbeats 2s are $100 at Target, (all white, blk/red, all red) and then use Cartwheel app to get 35% off coupon for power beats, making the total $65 in store, can take an additional 5% off if you use a target card. Limit: 4 Note #1: use...
  2. daaznfella

    what shoe has NIKE AIR on the tag, and only NIKE AIR?

    trying to get ready to get a tag to get sewn on the upcoming jordan 1s, wanted to ask what nike sneaker had NIKE AIR on the tongue of the shoe I know that blazers and most dunks say NIKE, and the af1s say Nike Air, but also reads Air Force 1 under neath the tag.  anybody anything?
  3. daaznfella


    hah! delete me as i can't read apparently 
  4. daaznfella

    Ichiro's letter as a child, does anybody have this?

    I remember reading this letter that Ichiro wrote when he was a  kid. Talking about how he was gonna grow up to play in the big leagues and how he was going to work hard at this goal, because he was determined. I believe he was 6 or 7 at the time too. I can't find this anywhere online, and I...
  5. daaznfella

    Nike Presto for Spring 2011 out now! crtsy of

    Some proper Presto's coming out this year with good color blocking! I know they've been retroing lately, but IMO the solid white midsole they attempted the past couple of times just didn't jive with me all that well... now the extra color on the swoosh, the midosle, and even the white swoosh on...
  6. daaznfella

    So...there is mold on my spacejams, will seaglow remove it?

    Good morning folks, last night after getting the CG XI's, i decided to compare them with my DS SJ's form last year. When i pulled them out though, i found some mold on the soles  Do you guys think that a good dosage of Seaglow will remove it? it "appears" to be on the outer brim of the clear...
  7. daaznfella

    Little Fockers for $5 via livingsocial via fandgango

    So buy a voucher, go to fandango tomorrow morning to redeem your ticket, and there you go! not bad for 5$ if you plan on going to the movies and yes it is for Los Angeles, but when you go to fandango, you can redeem the ticket anywhere you choose...
  8. daaznfella

    4 Movie tickets for $23 for Fandango via

    this deal may be for "seattle" but you redeem your tickets online, so it should work regardless of where you are, it may not be as good as the 4 for $20 deal last time, but it's still pretty good!
  9. daaznfella

    so somebody keyed my car, what is the best solution for this?

    my wife calls me, and tells me that the car was keyed on the passenger side. it may've happened yesterday as i had used the car....regardless what is the best method to get it off? are there any good resin fillers, or wax compounds that i should look into ??? or would it be best to get an...
  10. daaznfella

    $20 for 4 movie tickets, Deal is expired, but for those who did it...

    deal is over, but i just got my ticket vouchers in my email, just follow the steps to get fandago vouchers and you're all set, ! you can redeem the vouchers any time after you apply them to your account, i did two tickets, and they'll expire in january, will be used soon! also, make...
  11. daaznfella

    work+bacon maple bar donuts=so good, but so baddddd!

    i can't resist, and i'm about 99% sure this is how/why i'm going to be overweight for the rest of my life ....surprisingly delicious and here are the other choices i had to choose from unproductive morning indeed edit: not from Voodoo, but from this place called Frost in Lynnwood, WA ...
  12. daaznfella


    Hello NT, you've been good to me over the years, and as I've been working full time lately, I haven't had much time to wear so many of my sneakers that I have.  While I still have most of my shoes, I wanted to share with you guys what's been taking up so much room in my apartment! it's easy to...
  13. daaznfella

    "The History of Kobe" via

    The History of Kobe's Nikes wasn't sure if this shoulda gone in the kobe 5 thread, but it's a good read on the 5 kobes that are released so far.....
  14. daaznfella

    Receiving negative feedback on eBay for a properly listed item; any experiences, what to do?

    Hi, this buyer is reporting claims that were already evident in my item description. My description stated the shoes were already falling apart, and were crumbling already, where the negative feedback that was left directly reflects what I listed in my auction. his feedback comment "The whole...
  15. daaznfella

    Courier User Interface using nike items for their demo??? link/pix yeezys

    just thought this was an interesting was on gizmodo and saw this nifty item...and went eh? yeezy's???? i get the concept of this, however i just find it odd they used the yeezys, am90, af1, and an acg as their drawing items....basically why nike??? more pix and other shoes here...
  16. daaznfella

    UPDATE 10/3 got it: Free Free Free HBO for Comcast customers for 12 months FREE FREE FREE

    Free HBO for twelve months if you are a comcast member, doesn't matter if you are new or have had anaccount for over xx years....this is just a promo they're doing. If you have HBO already.....i guess you can cancel it, then call the # and get thepromo....i wouldn't know about the last half...
  17. daaznfella

    custom kobe iv's, still in progress....

    didn't really like the options on id, and i needed a more white based kobe to work on.... still a work in progress, all the speckles are hand painted, still got plenty to do on the heel pieces still....i think they're coming out ok eh?
  18. daaznfella

    DAF x 255 Hyperdunks inpired by BP/Mcfly

    inspired by BP's interpretation of the mcfly HD's....although it's only a speckle job, I think this came out rather nice
  19. daaznfella

    Help a homie set up his wife's condenser mic usb interface

    So i got Adobe audition i have the following items so i connected the usb interface into the comp via usb, it downloaded some drivers and i thought i was good to go. i proceed to plug the mic into the side slotthe "hot, cold, ground" 3 prong input....i turn on phantom mic from the usb...
  20. daaznfella

    no long there, nothing to see

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