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    Syria Conflict vol. Pretty serious I don't know what to say about this, other than the thought of someone using chemical weapons frightens me. I hope Assad doesn't give the go ahead, because i wouldn't want to see the...
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    Legend of Zelda fans come in Vol. Official Timeline

    A friend of mine linked this to me earlier today and I thought I should share it because I thought it was really good and I'm sure there are Zelda fans on this site. :lol For those that don't want to...
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    So Japan is actually considering developing a real working gundam

    And I'm not talking about the full scale replica that they already made.;utm_medium=socialflow Japanese Politicians Are Thinking about Building Gundam. Like, Real, Working Gundam.Politicians everywhere are crap—even the ones who are thinking about building a...
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    North Korea Executes officials Vol. "Traffic Accidents"

    Report: N. Korean officials executed in staged traffic accidents A new Amnesty International report paints a gruesome picture of summary executions, torture and ill-treatment in North Korea as Kim Jong Un succeeded his late father, Kim Jong Il, as the country's ruler last December. The country...
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    Viewing child pornography online not a crime: New York court ruling Viewing child pornography online not a crime: New York court ruling In a controversial decision that is already sparking debate around the country, the New York Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that viewing child pornography online is not...
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    Hey NikeTalk, Check this out. Vol. Awesome stuff

    I don't know if this has been posted here already or not, but I just wanted to share. A friend of mine linked me to this site. I thought it was pretty mind blowing so i thought you guys would like to see it as well. I didn't even know half of...
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    Find a word longer than this...

    I must warn you, this word is massive (189,819 characters long ). I tried putting it in spoilers, but my page crashed so I dont think its possible.  heres the full word Just thought I'd share. Have a nice night NT.
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    The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

    Here are some some guidelines for how to differentiate between the different things posted in this thread: Anime titles should be in BLUE Movie Titles should be in RED Manga titles should be in GREEN Any important information that has potential plot spoilers should be put in the spoiler box...
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    Only in India

    Hello there my fellow Niketalkers. I made this post in order to share a video a friend of mine sent me earlier today. I thought it might provide some good  and maybe a few. Enjoy, my friends. Feel free to post any other traffic vids people might enjoy.
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    Team Teamwork: Super Nintendo Sega Genesis

    Heads up to all the Team Teamwork fans on Niketalk and video gamers as well, they just released a new album earlier this week. Here's a Sample:
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    Epic Meal Time: Epic Indian Experience

    Why did he go in with a gun?
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    Unrest in Tunisia

    My brother just told me about this. Apparently 2 presidents have been ousted in the past 48 hours over there. It started as protests and turned into an all out Coup. Its serious over there.
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    Alright my fellow college students, would you guys help a fellow Niketalker out by filling out a survey? I need a random sample of 200 college students and i thought i might get some help from you guys. It shouldn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes of your time. I already got quite a few from...
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    Quick help!!!

    how do i get videos to play on powerpoint? what formats does it use and where can i format them? i got powerpoint 2002 btw. i got an hour to finish this thing and i need help.
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    Gentlemen, Behold...

    The Triple Bypass chicken sandwich. I made it by combining a Double Down and a Doublicious from KFC. It was soo good but it put me to sleep during class. I recommend it if you are hungry, need a good nap, or both. [/spoiler]
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    Its such a strange world we live in...

    Last Tuesday, a close friend of mine lost her daughter who was born 6 1/2 weeks premature. All the doctors were giving her daughter the green light that she was gonna be okay. Then, two days later one of my Best friends' father died from lung failure in his sleep. By the time he was discovered...
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    Underwater BASE-Jumping Vol. Check it out!

    A friend linked me to an article with this vid in it, and i thought I would share it with you guys since i know NT is into this kind of stuff. it looks so surreal. Like slow-mo but in real time. on a related note, if anyone can name the song playing in the vid, i would greatly...
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    Late Enrollment Period FTL...

    My school starts up again tomorrow (i go to Santa Monica College), and I technically have no classes right now. Since the enrollment period that they give me is close to the end of the semester (right before finals), i can never get any of the classes that i need. At first, i liked trying to get...
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    Question About USPS

    Heres my problem: ordered a package a week and a half ago apparently arrived on the 30th, but got nothing checked up with the post office, said to come back on new years went out of town for new years, came back today no missed delivery paper in mailbox or anything is it safe to say that...
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