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  1. thefundamental

    My Sneaker History Timeline

    If you have a few minutes to read up on an amateur blogger, I hope you can take the time to go over my blog. It's about growing up (the long and expensive way) and documenting my life through shoes that have defined those times. http://rednarrative.blogs...ilestones-and-kicks.html I want to...
  2. thefundamental

    Good Chinese shoe brands/ styles?

    Hey all, Going to China next month and am looking to find some interesting casual/athletic shoes and apparel. I have a pair of the Feiyues, and I love them to death, so I'm curious about any Asian sneakerheads and your opinions...
  3. thefundamental

    next f&f?

    this is probably the most commonly asked question on this forum, but I must ask regardless.... when is the next F & F, in terms of historical trends?
  4. thefundamental

    Best/Worst Movie Martial Arts Star...EVER

    And there are a lot to choose from. Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Steven Segal, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Jean-ClaudeVan Damme, Dolph Lundgren (maybe?), Tony Jaa, Wesley Snipes, etc. etc. Best/Worst? Chuck Norris (I don't want to end up being in a Chuck Norris Fact) / Steven Segal
  5. thefundamental

    ACG retro ID request please....

    Someone I know picked it up at an outlet a few years back, forgets the name tho.
  6. thefundamental

    Did the Zoom Turbines retro in 2008?

    http://www.uptempoairforu...TID=30095&PID=450630 was just on this thread and got my interest piqued. did they release, or is there an upcoming date? have they been scrapped?
  7. thefundamental

    Sneaker Suggestions for MCL/ACL tear?

    So I tore my knee up playing Rugby the other night and just got diagnosed. Should have asked the doctor what kind of footwear would be good for post-operationand PT. Anyone have experience or suggestions?
  8. thefundamental

    Slide-heads: Nike Benassi VS. Adidas Adilette

    which is more appealing to you? this is a totally irrelevant question: I have and love both, but i'd go with the adilette, it has a bit of history behindit. still, i'd say benassis are more comfortable, less durable.
  9. thefundamental

    review request: jordan Jumpman team elite

    double stacked zoom in the heel, forefoot zoom and a very cool upper, how do they fit? traction, weight, any irritating seams or stitching?
  10. thefundamental

    review request for the wade 3's

    any buyers? ive been told they're a bit heavier than dwyane wades previous shoes and the tongue is huge. prices are dropping cuz' wades having a...difficult year. thought i'd see what the shoes are like, performance wise, since prices are pretty good.
  11. thefundamental

    Nash to wear Nike "Trash talk" Shoes

    got this article from ISS, props to joshman1979. evidently, they're gonna make the zoom bb2 lows from manufacturing scrap, a further adaptation of their nike considered line. they're performance shoesmade from recycled materials and such...
  12. thefundamental

    Fit of Cleats?

    for cleats, do they fit like regular tennis shoes? i wear a 9.5 in adidas sambas for indoor soccer, but i'm wondering if theres a general rule for fittingcleats in general.
  13. thefundamental

    fit of adidas top 10's?

    do they fit true to size? i wear a 9.5 for most shoes but sometimes 10 if they're narrow.
  14. thefundamental

    playing in OG Jordans?

    so i've got a pair of XIII lows and i really want to play ball in them and unDS em'. im kinda curious though as to your experiences with playing inshoes that are old but have been kept in good condition.
  15. thefundamental

    Shox discussion thread

    so i've got a question or two about nike shox tech. the first one is that it's touted to provide energy return, but isn't it bad for your knees if more force from energy goes back up your legs? the second thing related to that is if the energy return is beneficial, what about it sets it apart...
  16. thefundamental

    quick quesiton about nubuck

    can you paint it with leather acrylic or regular acrylic and create a durable layer, or do you have to use permanent markers? anyone have any good insight?
  17. thefundamental

    cutomized stan smith IIs?

    finally got an air brush and was messing with the settings. feedback me plz! proverbs 2:1-5 1 My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, 2turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, 3 and if you call out for insight and cry aloudfor...
  18. thefundamental

    Best Low Tops in recent memory?

    in recent memory i mean still readily available at retail chains and online retailers, or have been out for 2-3 years at the most. I value all-around fit and no heel slippage in a low cut, shoes that work with your foot and aren't blocky(af25lows,etc.) but are anatomically designed.outriggers...
  19. thefundamental

    How do you do text on your customs?

    im experimenting with bible text on a couple of customs, just wondering what you guys do for good, clear text on the shoes, outside of tracing and painting in. is there another way? i was thinking of printing text backwards and using acetone pen to transfer ink to the shoe. dunno if the text...
  20. thefundamental

    yao ming sporting some nice kicks(?)

    not bad for reebok. decent shoes for a big guy like him
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