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  1. ramzs8906

    Nike Cosmic Unity - Nike's First Sustainable Basketball Sneaker (Retail $120-150)

    2/3 Update via Sneakernews updated photos:
  2. ramzs8906

    Official Adidas Dame Thread - Dame 4 in stores now.

    "ROOTS" Date: December 14 Price: $115 "Rip City" Date: January 19 "Chinese New Year" Date: TBD Additional Photos:
  3. ramzs8906

    Kevin Shafer, Rocky Parrish (A.k.A. NT's NikeDealer) , NFLPA to Host New Program

    Direct Article Link S/O To Rock, :Nthat :hat :Nthat :hat :Nthat :hat
  4. ramzs8906

    Kendrick Lamar w/ Special Guest Ab-Soul and Jay Rock 9/14 at Howard Theatre. Vol Next D.A.R.

    Last year, Kendrick was the main performer for a DC to BC show a good amount of us NTers ended up at. Why not make it an official meet up this time around. :Nthat September 14, 2012 Show at 8pm, Doors open at 6pm Tix are $36 in advance, $39 day of the show Get tix ~ U.R.G.
  5. ramzs8906

    Jordan Melo M9

    These are... interesting, but I see potential. Look Barkley Inspired, but maybe that's just me. Looks like a huge Zoom Bag 
  6. ramzs8906

    The LIV for Trayvon Benefit Concert is this Sunday April 1st at Liv on U Street

    DC/MD/VA Fam, my homegirl is part of the group hosting this, completely legit. I'll see y'all there.
  7. ramzs8906

    So I see this link on my Tumblr Dashboard vol. 6 minutes well worth the Lulz Enjoy  when the breakdown comes in...
  8. ramzs8906

    Jordan Melo M8?

    Found this picture floating around on Twitter... according to those who posted it, its a picture of the Melo M8 Flywire and Heel Max Air (most likely forefoot zoom.) Not quite a Fan of the location of the Jumpman, but one of his better looking signature shoes.
  9. ramzs8906

    Reebok ZigEncore - John Wall Season 2 Shoe

     The new Basketball specific outsole (All Pics courtesy of CounterKicks)  Not a lot of info on the shoe, but I am interested in how the retooled Zig tech on these will be, since its not as bulky, and the "zigs" aren't as seperate. I like the use of mesh on the midfoot and the 3/4...
  10. ramzs8906

    Barackaveli - Hit Em Up feat. Michelle O vol. Late Pass?

    If I'm late, sue me...
  11. ramzs8906

    Help an East-Coast NTer out: First time Visiting LA/ Hollywood

    Will be there between the 3rd and 6th. What are some does and don't, and what's going on this weekend?
  12. ramzs8906

    As The Bye Week Approaches Vol. Grading the Skins (and your teams) so far

    C- The Good - Developing of Ryan Torain - Less anemic offense - Defense creating more turnovers - One of the best Special Teams cores in the league - Landry coming into his own, Hall playing the best football of his career. - Haynessworth being used in a way that allows him to be most...
  13. ramzs8906

    25 Worst Neighborhoods in 2010 Vol. SMH My people, my people

    25 most dangerous neighborhoods 2010 WalletPop Staff Oct 4th 2010 at 12:01AM For the second year in a row, using exclusive data developed by Dr. Andrew Schiller's team, and based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, WalletPop reveals the top 25...
  14. ramzs8906

    Adidas TS Heat Check - New for The Fall 2010-Spring 2011 season

    "An early detailed preview of the upcoming adidas TS Heat Check has surfaced. The silhouette features Pure Motion technology underfoot and a heavily ventilated upper design with heat sensitive material located on the lateral 3 stripes branding which changes color as the material heats up during...
  15. ramzs8906


    June Release (didn't see any mention of these) IMO one of the better, simpler looking SBs that has released in the last 2 years. I'll be copping. (via. Sole Redemption)
  16. ramzs8906

    Prokhorov may change the name of the Nets Vol. No WNBA-esque names aka What would you name them

    "Let me ask you some questions," Prokhorov said to a small group of reporters during a private brunch meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan. "What about the name of the team? Is it okay, the Nets? Or do we have to try to find something new? "I'm a foreigner, you know," he said. "I need...
  17. ramzs8906

    NT, I bring LULz vol.

    Was introduced to the website in my regional forum, thought I'd share some LULz... Source:   The irony of her making a Dat Mass Face (Pinky.... yes THAT one) Stack Bundles #NT's Favorite $extape Star  Kim Kardashian Wale
  18. ramzs8906

    Happy Birthday HarlemKickDiva !

    Happy 22nd girl! 9-12-25
  19. ramzs8906

    Being Safe this New Year's Eve: Free Taxi Rides home (up to $50) for the 21+

    It won't help you get to the party, but it'll help you get home safely. Everyone have fun tonight and be safe
  20. ramzs8906

    Real World DC Trailer Vol. Can the rename this Real World Washington?

    Real World XXIII: Washington DC - MTV Shows at One Black guy in the Chocolate City Over/under 5 times they go to Southeast?
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