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  1. shrewd03

    tattoo spot in the metro area. need help.

    i'll be back in the US very soon and before i go i need to get my arm tattooed. tattoo in LA is very pricey.. so if any of u guys kno a good spot to get one, kindly share it with me. thanks!
  2. shrewd03

    Niketalk shirt

    jus need some info on how to get the official niketalk shirt. i wanna get one so i can rep them up. is there a way i could buy it here locally? thanks!
  3. shrewd03

    best place to get some New Era fitted caps?

    hey peeps, jus want some info/help in where i could buy some cool new era fitted caps. i dont wanna buy in Am blvd cuz i believe what they have are fakes. please help afellow Nt'ers out. Peace!
  4. shrewd03

    where is the best place to get some cool G-shocks here in the PI?

    hey fellow NT peeps, jus wanna ask where i could buy some cool G-shocks here in the Pinas. if u guys have some info please let me kno. thanks!
  5. shrewd03

    What happened to the site "

    i jus wanna ask if any of you guys kno what happened to the site air-randy if im correct. They use to sell jays and other kicks before their release date. i heard that they sell "fake" kicks. Jus wondering what happened to it.
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