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  1. fog

    My calfs are like calfs

    Squats & sprints.
  2. fog

    The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

    On a serious note though, I find it hard to believe Madara hasn't murked one of the Kages yet
  3. fog

    Funny Pokemon comics

    Finally found it! Edit: Link broke, but Antidope got it
  4. fog

    The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

    This.. Naruto hits home for me a lot more than other series just because it's like I've been watching the kid grow all these years
  5. fog

    Funny Pokemon comics

  6. fog

    The Official Anime & Manga Thread Vol: 三

    The new Berserk movie just dropped. Can't wait til it gets subbed
  7. fog

    the thread about nothing...

  8. fog

    Kate Upton GQ Cover

    *%%+ the cover....
  9. fog

    How to dance at College parties?

  10. fog

    the thread about nothing...

    Nah fam, this song is like my guilty pleasure On other unrelated news:
  11. fog

    can anyone fix my avy?

  12. fog

    Post Your Own Theories About ANYTHING In This Thread

    So, this may sound stupid, but hear me out. We are 3rd dimension beings, correct? But we cast a 2D shadow, right? The 4th dimension is time. What if, when we die, we are fully aware 4th dimension entities since there is a starting and stopping point in our lives that we are able to fully see...
  13. fog

    UFO Sighting!!?? Vol. Way too close for comfort...

    "The Boy Who Cried UFO"
  14. fog

    Chicks with Tattoos vol. II

  15. fog

    Pick up lines --- yes they work.

    I can change your life.
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