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  1. realshoemice

    Legit Check: Saint Laurent

    If in wrong section mods please move
  2. realshoemice

    The Healthy Food Thread vol. Eating Right

    Food thread is filled with everything and fitness thread is cluttered ... Post some healthy meals u eat
  3. realshoemice

    The Healthy Food Thread vol. Eating Right

    Food thread is filled with everything and fitness thread is cluttered ... Post some healthy meals u eat
  4. realshoemice

    NT What Are You Saving For?

    This thread is inspired by my cheap *** friend that I went out with last night.... All the bros got together for a bday and hit the bars up ...this dude makes good money and no kids, would not spend a dime ... Wouldn't have had a drink if we didn't get him one...his excuse " I'm stacking my...
  5. realshoemice

    What Case Do You Have On Your Phone vol. Accessories

    Just got another iPhone after cracking my screen for the 3rd time...what cases do u guys have?
  6. realshoemice

    Things You Do That You Shouldn't Be Doing

    - I'm guilty of Texting and driving , mostly at red lights but still, need to stop -cheating on my girl,she loves me to death I'm good looking and these chicks literally throw it at me ...I'm too weak and insecure to resist Your go now NT... I know u dudes some savages 128530
  7. realshoemice

    Sayings That Don't Make Sense vol. lol wut?

    Im at the bar ...I'll start "Liquor before beer your in the clear, Beer b4 liquor you'll never b sicker" .....
  8. realshoemice

    Is Bruce Jenner Trolling?

    I understand there are different people out there with different beliefs and I respect them...but I feel he trollin for these Ms b....bout to make millions off the show...millions off the book ...u a woman now at 75 after 10 kids?
  9. realshoemice

    Things U Do No One Knows About

    I eat other people's lunch out the fridge at work if I think it looks good
  10. realshoemice

    Can We Get A New Fight Night vol. UFC is trash

    It's been too long ..we need this next gen Fight Night already ....mayweather, Pacquiao, Deontae wilder, Amir khan, broner, Danny garcia, gamboa, Marquez, cotto, Timothy Bradley, Andre ward, canelo Doesn't make sense not to make a game There's too many good boxers out
  11. realshoemice

    Meme War

    Post your memes so I can steal them ...thanks
  12. realshoemice

    House Bills to Federally Legalize Marijuana

    Two House Bills Would End Federal Prohibition Of Marijuana -Matt Ferner Two congressmen filed separate House bills on Friday that together would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana at the federal level, effectively ending the U.S. government's decadeslong prohibition of the plant. Rep...
  13. realshoemice

    Richest 1% Own More Than Half World's Wealth The richest 1 percent are likely to control more than half of the globe’s total wealth by next year, the charity Oxfam reported in a study released on Monday. The warning about deepening global inequality comes just as the world’s business elite prepare to...
  14. realshoemice

    Going Back To Cali vol. NY Hold This L

    Going to LA Dec 4-7 (thurs-Sunday) ...I'm from the Heights...What should I do , where should I go ?....First time in LA
  15. realshoemice

    Lady Scratched My Car vol. Geico

    This old lady who must've been blind decided it would be cool to cross over 2 lanes from the fast lane to an exit going 50 mph with no signal on at the last minute...I saw her an avoided her killing me but she scratched my front bumper . She said she has no money and gave me her insurance card...
  16. realshoemice

    LASIK Surgery vol. It's Time

    Tired of these contacts ..Has anyone here gotten the procedure? How was it? How long did it last? How much did it cost?
  17. realshoemice

    Food You Hate That Other People love

    Tried liver the other day wow the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Anyone who can enjoy that is disgusting b Also fish that still has its slimey shiny skin attached to it is equally disgusting
  18. realshoemice

    Kanye Tells Kid His Red Octobers Are Fake

    Kanye is a great guy
  19. realshoemice

    Tupac Is Alive!!

    Suge admits Tupac is alive on an island Someone embed
  20. realshoemice

    Recreational Marijuana Sale Begins in Colorado Denver (CNN) - Those craving a quick high can now stroll into a Colorado shop and buy marijuana for recreational use, legally. The state made history Wednesday as the first one nationwide to allow special stores...
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