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  1. fran215kill

    Tipping Vol. Why am I paying you extra to do your job?

    ihop waiters recieve checks that pay"0.00" thats it they cover taxes the rest of your income is based off tips stop being so cheap, that job sucks. not to mention that waiters do remember people based off tips and will f with your food and make you wait as long as possible.
  2. fran215kill

    "You have damaged your own race" Philadelphia mayor to black youth

    i have lived in philly all my life. im 18 and i hate this city. theres simply no excuse for any behavior like this and anyone that feels as though flashmobs can be justified would certainly feel differently about the situation if they or a loved one were caught in the middle of a flashmob. based...
  3. fran215kill


    any one have pics of custom varsity red next to the actual infareds? sorry I don't feel like going through the whole thread to find one. thanks in advance
  4. fran215kill

    Sample White/Red Retro 13's???? *PICS*

    i wish! i've been looking for these forever now these>>>>>>>>>>>>>>released version
  5. fran215kill

    RETRO 12's ON SALE

    Thanks for the update its about time they went on sale im gonna go try and find a white/red pair tomarrow.
  6. fran215kill

    ALL THINGS PHILLY___ & SURROUNDING AREAS (South Jersey/Delaware)

    city blue on south street still has the motorsport vis and copper foams if anyone is still looking for them...i didnt bother to ask what sizes were left though
  7. fran215kill

    AJKO Question

    Actually it's never been confirmed but most assume it means knock out
  8. fran215kill

    Jordan Sock Package

    someone on here is selling a few of the xi socs on ebay
  9. fran215kill

    Hits and Misses of 2010

    im only looking at about 5 kicks to cop next year white/red xii's on sale black/red vi's, white/red vi's, and unc ix's if i can just walk in a store and buy them with no problem and chi town x's if it happens but im not going to hold my breath
  10. fran215kill

    Nike Air Jordan ALPHA Series Continuation?

    dont know but it looks like they changed the heel pair where the 23 is at on the silver XI's so maybe
  11. fran215kill

    How many wrong things can you spot in this video

    wo what did i just watch thats a disgrace. lol at the op's sig
  12. fran215kill


    not bad at all i like the black red pair alot keep it up
  13. fran215kill

    3/20 Countdown pack for $150

    yo what mall i live close to nj and i'm trying to find some **** for cheap
  14. fran215kill

    ALL THINGS PHILLY___ & SURROUNDING AREAS (South Jersey/Delaware)

    anyone know where i can find tickets for the arctic monkeys concert?
  15. fran215kill


    Lick the side of her face
  16. fran215kill

    Will never shop at footlocker or footactiom again. Reason being (pics)

    looks alot like the place sneakgeekz did a video on. is it the same place?
  17. fran215kill


    Yo dont believe that any of that talk. I've been hearing talk of Space Jams dropping since the middle of 06. As a matter of fact that's why I cameinto this post to make a sarcastic comment about those rumors. Thank God for eBay.
  18. fran215kill

    lace locks on grape v's

  19. fran215kill

    ALL THINGS PHILLY___ & SURROUNDING AREAS (South Jersey/Delaware)

    any stores in deptford getting them? can you use a footlocker gift card for other footlocker owned stores?
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