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  1. spiceman80

    Guy gets wrestled/tackled to the floor in Walmart while legally carrying a firearm

    I just heard about this and all I can do is :{ at the entire situation. This could have gone south qickly. I'm not sure what was on dudes mind, but all he needed to do was call the cops if he felt the man looked suspicious...
  2. spiceman80

    Comcast Xfinity On Demand service is almost back to normal

    I was going to make a thread asking if anyone here is experiencing problems with On demand being updated. None of the shows from Sunday to yesterday were updated which is strange because they are always available the next day. I called comcast and was told this is a nationwide issue and they...
  3. spiceman80

    I guess we cant complain about not getting new releases anymore, "professional line sitters"

    This man took lemons and made lemonade. Its crazy what it takes for some people to step out of their comfort zone. Props to him :Nthat.
  4. spiceman80

    Carfax or Autoceck look up

    I don't know if this is still done on this forum, but if anyone has unlimited for either carfax or autocheck can you look up a VIN for me? My car got totaled a few weeks ago and Im desperate to get back on the road. I know these car checks don't give all the info,and I do plan to have it...
  5. spiceman80

    Family Trip to Disney in July need advise recommendations

    As the title states I will be traveling to Disney Orlando with family from 7/25-7/30/13. Flight and hotel accomodations have been booked already. Right now I'm getting things in order for the car rental. Been looking at reviews and for the most part it seems like a gamble with all the...
  6. spiceman80

    Man gets 11 lbs of weed mailed to his home {Special Delivery}

    So this dude gets a FED-Ex package delivered to his home in his name full of weed. He contacts the popo ASAP, but how scary is that? The dealers used his name an address. I'd be shook and not know what to do. Hopefully police are able to watch his home and protect him. not sure if he should...
  7. spiceman80

    Popped a Molly I'm sweating Cluuuuee???????

    Didn't see it posted, but I was cracking up while listening to the breakfast club.
  8. spiceman80

    7 year old suspend for pop tart gun

    Somebody said this in the thread about the HS student with the fresh prince theme song voice mail, and i'll say it again. The Terrorist Have Won.. Teacher says the student said bang bang, he says he was trying to make a mountain. Either way things are getting out of hand...
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