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  1. moe szyslak

    Any NTers living in Athens, Greece?

    NT Fam, I'll be in Athens for the next two weeks.  What are some places in Athens you recommend I visit?  What's up with the night life? Are the chicks out there promiscuous?  I'm also thinking about island hopping.   Any help is appreciated and it'd be cool if we could hang out if possible. Peace!
  2. moe szyslak

    How do you guys get over writers block/lack of motivation?

    I got this 40 page paper due in a few days. I'm at the 35 page mark and have lost all motivation to finish the remaining 5 pages. Seems like an impossible feat after coming so far. Been distracted by the holiday season and people wanting to hang out. Came back from the gym and I'm feeling...
  3. moe szyslak

    NT international scholars: Need your ASSisstance vol. junk in the trunk

    What language is being spoken in this clip? I can neither read not understand it. Specifically, at 2:50 
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