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  1. trethetruth803

    Police Kill Unarmed Teen In Ferguson, Missouri

    Tired of hearing about this. No police just walks up & shoots a guy for no reason. He did something...
  2. trethetruth803


    Just got my hands on a few 2003 releases: Black Carnival AF1 low, Black/University Gold low, Puerto Rican 4 Low, and Detroit (D-Town) mids. All size 10.  
  3. trethetruth803

    Official: GTA V Thread: PS5 & Xbox Series X, PC, Versions Out Now: GTA Online Free On PS5 With PS+ Until June 15

    Rob a bank w/ a friend. Steal the money & hop into another car. Fly to the airport & go out to the airfield in the country. Put the money in your Blaine County bank account via ATM. Find a car & ride out like a boss... This game is going to be INSANE!
  4. trethetruth803

    Jobless and Frustrated NTers check in VOL. WE NOT-WORKIN!!!

    SMX/Amazon called me back, yesterday, to re-apply & set up an interview! Even if it's temporary, for 3-4 months, I'll be good!  $11.50 an hour x 40 hours a week. Here's the link for anybody to see if they have one in their area...
  5. trethetruth803

    R.I.P Trayvon

    People are still talking about this...let it go.
  6. trethetruth803

    Jobless and Frustrated NTers check in VOL. WE NOT-WORKIN!!!

    Worked for Amazon, during "peak" season, last November/December. Temp job, got laid-off. Found out they were hiring 1,500 people, this Spring. I thought "Great, I have experience from working the temp job...I got this." Go through a phone interview + face to face interview. Thought it went...
  7. trethetruth803

    Black woman tells dogs to attack white news reporter

    The media just ate this up, 'cause of the ghetto lady, pitbulls, & her being aggressive.
  8. trethetruth803

    Black woman tells dogs to attack white news reporter

    Black people love bringing up slavery or desegregation. Unless, you were there getting worked in fields, getting whipped, bitten by dogs, beaten with objects, & sprayed by water hoses... All white people aren't racists, just like all black people aren't ghetto *******s.
  9. trethetruth803


    For some, yes. They'll put the 5 or 6 point stars on their neon signs. For others, they just like the color.
  10. trethetruth803

    The Official Photography Thread - Vol. 3 
  11. trethetruth803

    Air Jordan 5 "Grape" MAY 4th, 2013 - $160

    I'm so glad these were an LS release in 2006. No hypebeast, NOBODY had these. I went to school that Monday & killed everybody. No crazy lines...walked in & walked out with 3 pairs...FA only got 18 pair. My homies got the rest.
  12. trethetruth803

    EXPLOSION @ Boston Marathon

    I'm talking about the LAST shootout around 7-8pm, last night. The one right after they came on tv & said "It's safe to come back out, but be cautious..." and 10-20 minutes later they had the giant shootout. After that...he hid in a boat from 5,000-10,000 cops and a regular person found him?
  13. trethetruth803

    EXPLOSION @ Boston Marathon

    How did he have a shoot out & ran from 5,000 cops, on foot, just to be found in a a NEIGHBOR? So, you're telling me BPD, MPD, MIT Police, Cambridge Police, FBI, SWAT couldn't find him...but a random neighbor could?  
  14. trethetruth803

    42... New movie about Jackie Robinson

    Columbia - 803!
  15. trethetruth803

    42... New movie about Jackie Robinson

    Chadwick Boseman (Main Character in 42). His older sister was my after school teacher in 6th grade. She passed away in 2011, gotta go see it, in memory of her. R.I.P Ms. Boseman...
  16. trethetruth803

    * The New TEAM SC Official post *

    Thread is dead. Shoe game is dead...
  17. trethetruth803

    Sbarro's pizza appreciation post.

    Sbarro's is disgusting. Marco's Pizza > __________________.
  18. trethetruth803

    2014 Chevrolet SS Unveiled

    Who cares about HP, 0-60 times...unless you're a race car driver. Who needs 400-600HP to sit in 5 o'clock traffic, everyday? LOL. It's a nice car & has a little bit of power (i.e. HEMI Charger...) Hood dudes will eat these up & throw 22's-24's on them & ride out.
  19. trethetruth803

    NT, How do you cope with death..... Serious Question

    When my cousin committed suicide on 11.13.'08 that was real hard...I cried. It wasn't her first attempt, so when it "really" happened...everybody took it hard. I try to spread suicide awareness & help other friends who have dealt w/ it w/ their it kind of helped, knowing how to...
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