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  1. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan Retro 4 SE “FIBA” July 2019

    I tried these on the other day. They're actually a bit wide for a Jordan 4. Compared to the Laser 4 anyway my pinky toe was happy. Still ain't copping though. :stoneface:
  2. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 4 "What The" 11/13/19

    Starting to like them more from the back than the front. :lol:
  3. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

    I saw these for the first time Tuesday when someone was walking in-front of me at the mall. I tried not noticing the crooked Nike Air but... it's very noticeable in person. They look jacked up. I just don't get why the 3s NA looks great but the 4 is drunk. Unfair. :smh:
  4. devarika woulf

    AIR JORDAN 9 “GYM RED”: October 5th 2019

    I actually have the Kobe 9, and from my eyes it's the same exact patent used on the blue and red 9s. Real pretty shades, but a bit plastic looking and muted. Actually pretty similar to the patent Reebok uses on some of their shoes. The patent on 9s is a guilty pleasure of mine but only with...
  5. devarika woulf

    AIR JORDAN 9 “GYM RED”: October 5th 2019

    I thought of that question too a while back, but I quickly realized that the high quality patent is the bread & butter of the 11. It's what makes everyone drool. You put that on other Js and the 11s quickly loses what makes it special. It's kinda like how Jordan Brand pick and choose what shoes...
  6. devarika woulf

    Welcome to our updated site!

    The search function is not working for me at all. Trying to find certain words in individual threads is broken. Very annoying when trying to find particular details about a shoe. |l
  7. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 2 Retro 2014 Official Thread

    Waking this up from the dead. Can anyone confirm for me if all the recent Jordan 2s fit the same? I've got the Alternate 87 and they fit a bit narrow. I wanna grab the White/Red OG but go a 1/2 size up. I just wanna make sure first they fit the same as the recent Breds. Thanks.
  8. devarika woulf

    AIR JORDAN 9 “GYM RED”: October 5th 2019

    Yeah. They looked horrible in the pictures but that WearTesters video made them look real good! I'm not sure I wanna pay full retail for them but they're now on my want list. Hope they get marked down like the UNC 9s! I've gotta wear my Kobe 9s again to determine whether to go a 1/2 size up or not.
  9. devarika woulf

    Don C's Legacy 312, His Own Jordan Silhouette | July 14

    Looks like dark purple to me.
  10. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 13 White/Red To Release Spring 2017

    Yeah. These are squeaky as heck. I think mine have calm down a bit though.
  11. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 4 Black Cat 2019

    Gentry must've had some cow material left over. He was like... **** it! It'll sell anyway!
  12. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

    Any idea how these are gonna fit width wise? The Jam/'82/'96 all fit wide for me. I didn't get the Concords but I read they fit tighter and several people were having the classic pinky toe issue. I'll probably have to wait for reviews but it's always scary when you buy on sell out Saturdays...
  13. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

    Preferences has an OG style for those who missed it.
  14. devarika woulf

    Jordan Retro 10 Seattle - October 19th 2019

    I'm feeling these more than the Orlandos. Looks like they got that extra something like the OGs too. Still, priorities mean these must come after discount. Hopefully they are like the Orlandos in that regard! :tongue: This new NT is slow as heck right now. It's OK; growing pains. Give it a few...
  15. devarika woulf

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    I bought myself 5 different blue-style shoes during the Labor Day sale so these are sadly getting skipped right now. I do think I'd crave them more if they used actual full-grain leather like some other companies. But with Jordan it's always the same quality repackaged in a flavor-of-the-week...
  16. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    So these fit pretty narrow. Will have to be a try on first for us wide footers.
  17. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    I don't think they're hideous. They're cool looking but still a bit reminiscent of everything out today. I'm disappointed by the continuous use of synthetic material. The cushion is obviously the best feature. I think Tinker's legacy makes the new Jordans disappointing to an extent. Every shoe...
  18. devarika woulf

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Every review out there is saying quality control is crap. Lots of glue stains and marks on the suede. JB don't give a crap 'cause these are gonna sell like crazy... it's not a coincidence. :stoneface:
  19. devarika woulf

    Air Jordan 3 “Knicks” September 7, 2019

    Yeah. I think that's what is throwing me off. I usually love 3s and Knicks colors, but I ain't feeling these. Hope they hit discount for y'all.
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