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  1. wussypet

    What the kobe 7 lc

    Based off these 3-4 pictures what do you think ? I thought replica Kobe's did not exist so I need reassurance
  2. wussypet

    Jordan 6 infrareds

    Are the scuffs on the toebox shown fixable
  3. wussypet

    Concord 12 lc

    My brother got these today ... They look off to me. The sole looks grape purple but the box came with the suggested retail
  4. wussypet

    Yeezy 2 solar red

  5. wussypet

    Concord 11s

  6. wussypet

    Lebron Big Bang 9s lc

    Based off these pictures alone what can you conclude ?
  7. wussypet

    Lc on south beach 9s

  8. wussypet

    Lc on yeezy 2

  9. wussypet

    Yeezy 2 lc

  10. wussypet

    Lc on south beach 9s

  11. wussypet

    Lc on db 4s

  12. wussypet

    South beach 9 lc

  13. wussypet

    South beach lebron 9

  14. wussypet

    LC on MF Doom sb

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