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  1. tharegalone

    FRIXION: Having SEX with someone over the internet Vol. would you cop?

    What if she has something? Will my computer get a virus?
  2. tharegalone

    Georgia wants to make it illegal to drive slow in the left lane

    GA people can't drive in the first place. 2 inches for snow and they were crashing all over the place. 
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    I lost about 80 lbs over the past 2 years by changing the way I eat. My best suggestions for some trying to eat "clean"  Keep processed foods to a minimum  Cut your carbohydrate consumption Eliminate artificial sugars and sodium from your diet  Eat colorful (Green, Red, Yellow, White, Purple) 
  4. tharegalone

    Official NBA 2012-2013 Season Thread

    At least didn't say he was the Lebron stopper.
  5. tharegalone

    Official NBA 2012-2013 Season Thread

    I will be watching the Nets Heat game now. Lebron is gonna drop 60. Smh Great job Reggie
  6. tharegalone

    Myth Busters - Randy The Freak Moss - Acknowledge Greatness!!! (videos)

    Moss is the most physically and athletically gifted receiver. As far as skills he shouldn't even be in the convo with Rice. The dude can only run 2 routes.
  7. tharegalone

    and we're done

    Tyson Chandler for east center? 
  8. tharegalone

    So they don't take your packages, right? Vol. contrary to popular belief.

    Never had a problem with USPS or UPS. Fed-Ex on the other hand is god awful. 
  9. tharegalone

    NYC BALLERS come in and lets get a Ballin Summit going

    Anybody know any open gyms? 
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    Is Carmelo Anthony Still Top 10? *Seriously??* 4/8/12 Get your stats right, and can the Knicks fan nonsense, I said Durant was the better player. Just not significantly. If you wanna get particular he plays more...
  11. tharegalone

    Is Carmelo Anthony Still Top 10? *Seriously??* 4/8/12

    1. Durant didn't make the leap his 3rd year, he made it after his first, just like Melo  2. 20 Games in? Last Season Melo; 24ppg Durant 26ppg both shot 46% from the field and averaged 3 assists. Durant averaged 1 more rebound.  You call that significantly better? Cause I don't 
  12. tharegalone

    Is Carmelo Anthony Still Top 10? *Seriously??* 4/8/12

    I'm a diehard Knick fan. When comparing Melo and KD I will give the nod to KD simply because he shoots a higher percentage. Offensively speaking though Melo is the more complete player. I think a lot of time people mistake athletic ability for basketball skill. KD and Lebron are far superior...
  13. tharegalone

    Is Carmelo Anthony Still Top 10? *Seriously??* 4/8/12

    By better are yall taking into account team accomplishments? Cause some of these list couldn't possibly be based on basketball skill alone. 
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