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  1. alex18pr

    PC: Lebron VII

    Size 10.5
  2. alex18pr

    LC: Jordan XI Cool Grey

    They are not mine 
  3. alex18pr

    Legit Check on Jordan XI "Breds"

    My friend got these from  what do you guys think are they legit??
  4. alex18pr

    LC: Is Legit?

    Is this site legit?
  5. alex18pr

    PC: Nike SB Morks

    Price Check on Nike SB Morks size 7 DS?
  6. alex18pr

    LC: Jordan 13 "He Got Game"

    I ordered these Jordan XIII "Black Toes" they look good but I just want to be sure that they are legit.
  7. alex18pr

    LC: Black Cements 3s

    My Friend Bought These and he wants to know if they are B Grades or Replicas. They look kinda strange imo but i don't really know.They are not DS.
  8. alex18pr

    Does the Jordan XX3 age well???

    I'm looking into ordering some Jordan XX3 pairs. I know they are not that old but does anyone know any aging issues Yellowing, Sole or Upper Separation,etc. ??
  9. alex18pr

    Price Check on DS JORDAN 1 DMP 60+ PACK Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics

    Price Check on DS  JORDAN 1 DMP 60+ PACK Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics
  10. alex18pr

    LC: Site?

    Jstar25 have them on the legitlist  He have a review of the Chicago 1s from that site and they look good. Does anyone have any experience buying from them? 
  11. alex18pr

    LC CitySole

    Are their shoes legit? 
  12. alex18pr

    LC: ?

    Does anyone have experience buying fro  How is the service? Are their sneakers really legit, No early release Pairs ? 
  13. alex18pr

    Is this website legit??

    Sorry if this has been asked before but are Legit??
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