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  1. JayYoung713

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Appreciate the assist. I got a 11.5 on the way now!
  2. JayYoung713

    Jordan Retro 10 Seattle - October 19th 2019

    Copped the Orlando’s for my son on release date and liked his so much I ended up copping a pair for myself. Been waiting on this Seattle colorway for years I’ve always liked how the green looks on these. Definitely in on 10.19
  3. JayYoung713

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" 2020

    I’ve never been a fan of these and have passed up numerous opportunities to cop but for some reason I’m starting to warm up to these. I MAY be in for a pair when these release
  4. JayYoung713

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    I really want a pair of these I was mad I wasn’t able to cop when these hit stores. Not sure if there are still some pairs anywhere in Houston but I’m looking for sz 11-12 online now.
  5. JayYoung713

    Jordan 3 Knicks

    Been hearing bout these for months and can’t wait to get my hands on a pair
  6. JayYoung713

    Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal

    Yes lord! I’m in for a pair
  7. JayYoung713

    Jordan VI PSG

    Ordered my pair from ProDirect. It’s scheduled to arrive August 9th. Personally my most anticipated release this summer I’m tempted to double up.
  8. JayYoung713

    Jordan 1 OG HIGH “CHICAGO” - February 2020

    In hopefully for a double up
  9. JayYoung713

    Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

    My size is $600 on Stock X. As bad as I want these $500 is my max for lows
  10. JayYoung713

    Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

    I was in line for about 30 mins for a size 12 and took the L. Resell it is
  11. JayYoung713

    Full line of Jordan Retro's U of Michigan PE's

    They all fye but Ima need those 10’s and 11s.
  12. JayYoung713

    Air Jordan 5 Retro SP “Michigan” - Aug. 10, 2019

    I liked these initially but with all the money I spunt last month I told myself I would chill a few weeks until the Paris 6s dropped. With that said I copped a pair for myself and a pair for my son this morning smh
  13. JayYoung713

    Air Jordan 1 High OG “FEARLESS” Holiday 2019

    Would be in for a pair. I’m sure the hype will build for these closer to release
  14. JayYoung713

    Air Jordan 7 X Patta June 2019

    After what felt like forever my pair finally arrived today from StockX. I’m liking these even more in person
  15. JayYoung713

    Air Jordan 7 X Patta June 2019

    I can’t wait for my pair to arrive. They finally shipped from StockX 2 days ago
  16. JayYoung713


    I was really looking forward to doubling up on these on BlackFriday too honestly these were my most anticipated drop for the remainder of the year. Still some good releases coming this year I can’t wait to cop those PSG 6s that hit a little later this summer and those Knicks 3s that’s supposed...
  17. JayYoung713

    Air Jordan 7 Milwaukee Bucks Ray Allen 6/22/19

    I saw these in a store today for $150 and was ready to cop but Ima hold out til they get closer to the $100 mark
  18. JayYoung713

    Yellow Ferrari 14s Summer 2019?

    Stopped by Active Athelete (Houston people know what’s up) and copped the last pair I n my size today. They said these are moving. I’m really happy with these Ima gone and wear them out to dinner tonight with the fam. Sidenote* they had the Ray Allen 7s on sale for $150 I’m really itching to...
  19. JayYoung713

    Yellow Ferrari 14s Summer 2019?

    I’m about to go ahead and pull the trigger on these. I went to a couple of malls yesterday and they were sold out for the most part but I did.find a couple of spots that still had pairs. I would’ve loved to catch these on discount but whatever I really like these, it’s my birthday weeek, so I’m...
  20. JayYoung713

    Jordan VI PSG

    These are Fye! A lot of people say they’re passing hopefully makes these an easy cop for me. I just hope these drop a lil later in July to give my pockets time to recover from the abuse they’re taking this month.
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