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  1. mauiwowie

    Anyone been fired from their job for some BS?

    In some hot water with the company I work for. Waiting on word from HR by the end of the week to see whether i'm getting fired or not. Apparently I haven't been showing good enough customer service for this big company that has a high turnover rate (that's all I can say for now.) Should I just...
  2. mauiwowie

    Just got interviews with 2 Illinois pharmacy schools

    Been aiming for pharmacy school since I left high school. One school actually denied me earlier and just recently asked me to interview with them again. Any tips I should follow for these types of interviews? And if I get in, any affordable and safe places to live off campus in Northern...
  3. mauiwowie

    Free 2 day shipping and 3.99 next day shipping for 6 months for students on Amazon Prime!

    I came across this the other day and anyone that's in school currently can get 6 months free 2-day shipping or 3.99 next day shipping then discounted Amazon Prime membership after the 6 months on a bunch of items on Amazon. Follow this Link below and all you need is a school email to use for it...
  4. mauiwowie

    Clothing brands?

    Does anyone have any good clothing brands I can start wearing? I kind of get tired of looking everywhere and seeing a whole bunch of people at my school wear the same stuff as me. Thanks NT. 
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