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  1. cortex

    LC on 2016 Banned 1's

    Need help with these fam... thanks in advance
  2. cortex

    Legit check please... 2016 banned 1's

    Fam, need your help on this one. I don't have anything to compare it with... Thanks in advance!
  3. cortex

    LC on Jordan 3 Fear

    I need help with these guys. I'm leaning on legit but I need your opinions. Thanks in advance.
  4. cortex

    LC 2013 black tongue

    I need help guys before I pull the trigger. Did some research but néed more input from you guys. Thanks in advance....
  5. cortex

    Question about paypal

    Why would a verified user sell and not send an item? I don't understand how that would benefit the seller when I (also verified) files a claim. Knowing paypal, they almost side on the buyer. Can someone enlighten me. Thanks
  6. cortex

    LC/PC ON DMP please

    I need help on this guys... Thanks in advance
  7. cortex

    LC on jordan retro 1 black/red

    I need help guys, I'm not so sure about this.. Thanks in advance
  8. cortex

    Fair trade?

    Need help guys... I'm trading my ds bred 11 plus cash(seller is asking $140) for his xx8... I need a legit check on these.. Thanks in advance JORDAN AJ XX8 BLACK/ELECTRIC GREEN view more from my store. View Store | 83 Products » Next › was $359 sale $339 There's only 1 left...
  9. cortex

    LC on black cement please

    hi guys! need help on these.... thanks! 2011 bc3...
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