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  1. gausswho

    Jordan 4 "Bred" Legit check

    @TIMMYBRIXXX  @MuLLiNs7388 The ashyness and the color of the Jumpman on the back concerns me. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
  2. gausswho

    Air Jordan IV Green Glow Legit Check

    Looking to buy a pair of Green Glows.  Saw this pair online, seller says he got them from Modell's, which I thought was odd because I did not know Modell's sold Air Jordans.   Also, the pictures are blurry and he only has 11 feedback, so I am wary.   Maybe you guys can help me out. I do not...
  3. gausswho

    Penny V Dolphins Legit Check This listing on eBay...the price seems a little too good.  $185 for Penny V Dolphins?  The shoe seems good from the pictures shown.  But I am hesitant because of the price.  Legit or fake? Any other opinions?
  4. gausswho

    Yeezy 2 Plat Fake check Trying to help someone out. I think it's fake because the lacetips and scales look off...
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