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  1. octobersveryown


    Do you think a pair of VNDS Ultraflights are still playable? I'm looking into grabbing a pair... for basketball purposes
  2. octobersveryown

    OVO x Toronto Blue Jays (Drake x New Era) fitted (DS) - 7 1/8

    THIS IS THE LAST ONE AVAILABLE...ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET Special edition OVO (Octobers Very Own) and Toronto Blue Jays collaborative hat for sale.  Brand New, Never even tried on.  This special edition was released for Drake 's OVOFEST in 2013. They will never re-release this hat again and...
  3. octobersveryown

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

    My sis has a 2 hour lay-over in chicago... she'll be heading straight to Toronto after that.    I believe food is allowed in carryon so this could be possible...  I want to order a deep-dish to the airport and bring it back to me. How do i make this happen. wheres the best spot that would do...
  4. octobersveryown

    This clip deserves its own topic (GREATEST SHOT SINCE MJ in the 98 FINALS)

    I leave you with this that is all ....can someone help me embed this  
  5. octobersveryown

    Someone recommend me a show to watch

    I recently enjoyed Marco Polo I loved BB, and GoT I also enjoy both house of cards and house of lies.  What should I watch?
  6. octobersveryown

    Netflix: Marco Polo

    Amazing show. Worth watching. I need details in season 2. Discuss here. Zhu Zhu aka Kokachin aka Blue Princess
  7. octobersveryown

    Nelson Mandela - 'best known athlete.. on and off the ice'

    This is painful and embarrassing.  Johnathon Bernier (Toronto Maple Leafs starting goalie) at Masai Ujiri (Raptors GM) giants of Africa Nelson Mandela tribute. Dikembe Mutombo, Barkley, the toronto raptors, t-mac and countless others were in attendance and this interview took place after the...
  8. octobersveryown

    Is there a thread about that iggy azalea and J.Lo music video?

    where the gifs doe  
  9. octobersveryown

    Looking for a song... 'In the mist' by a dude with a lisp

    Trying to locate a song i heard on a while ago... it goes like: "Some times when you in the mist, in the mist...I sit back n reminisce" or something similar...   -Rap -Artist has a lisp -Very well made music video (Set in an abandoned building with him rapping in the centre of lights)...
  10. octobersveryown

    416 to 240

    Heading to washington from Toronto this weekend. I'll be staying at a place on Massachusetts Ave. NW. What are the must eat food joints? What are the must see attractions? Where can I buy all white roshes (can't find these in Canada). What else?
  11. octobersveryown

    New Dr Dre beats commercial outdoes nikes Discuss
  12. octobersveryown


    Hey,  Anyone know where i can cop joggers in Toronto? Whatever brand... i'm looking for the chino-type material joggers in basic colors (khaki,black,blue). Or an online store that has them with decent shipping(no customs)
  13. octobersveryown

    All white Roshe's in Toronto?

    Anyone know if we are getting these? where can i get em? NEED these for summer
  14. octobersveryown

    Dying this material? (Nike Roshe Split Pack)

    Soo i want to dye my Black/Orange Roshes' (see pic). I love these shoes so much that i find that i'm wearing these orange shoes with outfits that should be nowhere near orange. I've decided I want to black-out the shoes completely. Does anyone know what I can use to dye/change the colour to...
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