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  1. jjc6723

    NT member CashmereThought96...

    So just like the other thread went. I've been waiting on this $50 refund for awhile now. He's refunded one niketalker from what i've heard from.I've tried to resolve this out of niketalk for awhile now and i'm sure he's out here on NT on another SN. Seriously homie how you gonna push out...
  2. jjc6723

    909 Area. Where do you ball up? Vol. 2

    I saw the old one from awhile back my gf moved to the chino hills area so I'm always up here so I was wondering where some of you guys ball around in thearea. I know of pantera park and 24 hr fitness in chino, but I won't be able to get in since I won't be gettin a membership till the end of the...
  3. jjc6723

    has anyone balled in the kg bounce?

    i was wondering if this shoe was good for basketball and how was the comfort playing in them
  4. jjc6723

    Help Identifying These Jordans...

    I found these jordans at a local nordstrom rack and i absolutely know nothing about them i was wondering if anyone has ever seen these before thanks. Thebottom of the shoes also looked like the jordan melo m3s (sorry for the weak cell phone pics)
  5. jjc6723

    Reebok Men's Answer X Pump

    im sure some of you might not care about this but i spotted these at a marshall's in rancho cucamonga off of summit ave. on the 15 i saw the sizes 2 - 10 1/2; 2 - 11/2; 2 - 12 and im not sure if there were more but those were the only sizes i saw the price tag on em was 39.99. oh these are for...
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