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  1. qique51689

    Places to visit in Florence and Venice

    Hey everyone just asking about any local shoe shops in Venice or Florence that you would mind sharing with me! If this does not belong in this thread mods please lock or delete!
  2. qique51689

    Yeezy 2 red

    Hey guys a friend of mine purchased these yeezy 2 are they real
  3. qique51689

    Lebron 8 south beach

    Just need a quick legit check on these
  4. qique51689

    Delete this thread

    Wrong thread
  5. qique51689

    Foamposite Pro coming to NikeiD (Speculation)

    Saw this tweet on twitter? Nikeid immediately then took it down. Is this what the hype is all about?
  6. qique51689

    Foamposites coming to NikeiD

    Saw this image! Is this what they hype is all about? Saw this on twitter and then they immediately took down the tweet?
  7. qique51689

    Men's new era on field sport knit hat

    Why are these things so popular? I can't find any decent team in this hat? Tried looking for one for my little brother for Xmas and they were sold out everywhere!!! Looking for an Indianapolis colts one? Can anyone help me out please!
  8. qique51689

    help her win

    Hey everyone, I forgot my password to my old account. I have a friend who models, please help her win this contest each vote would be appreciated Vote here please.
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