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  1. picasso swerve

    First Paypal Disupute, here we go NT wolves.

    Buyer filing a dispute over a shoe I sold him a little over a month ago, all for $260. :lol “Unauthorized purchase”. Tips? Whst should I do in this case, I have tracking and says delivered though it doesn't say where it got delivered to exactly, just the state and zip. Before I release his...
  2. picasso swerve

    Travis Scott 1 Check

    Friend buying a used 1x pair.
  3. picasso swerve

    Private Label NYC: Sneaker Duffel

    Sup guys, some of yall might know me on this site. I usually frequent the adidas topics, particularly the Yeezy topic. Maybe some OG's might remember me as 10PieceNuggets when I joined NT in 07. Well anyways, im working with these guys over at @privatelabelnyc (IG) or on...
  4. picasso swerve

    Anyone ever get a CT scan?

    Got one tomorrow bros, with dye. Read some bad stuff about the dye causing allergic reactions Its for kidney stones.
  5. picasso swerve

    Car Topic: Alternatives to a CLA??

    So a buddy of mine is looking for a new car, currently drives an '10 Corolla so anything is an upgrade.  Dude is making a good amount of money, so he does have some flexibility. Note: I suggested to homie a bunch of cars where he can get his "bang for his buck". No. He wants the brand, he...
  6. picasso swerve

    Quick bros, whats a simple way to ask a girl out for lunch? Vol. Overthinking

    Been talking for a bit, see each other every now and then, but never asked for lunch. Somewhat busy so its not difficult, but my timing has to be right for me to get a hold of her. Quick and simple?  "Lets grab lunch later! (If youre free)?"
  7. picasso swerve

    Just finished watching The Green Mile for the first time Vol. Missed out on this gem

    One of the best character developments in a movie ive seen. Movie almost had dude feeling all soft and whatnot. Need to analyze a scene for film class in terms of camera work/lighting basically how it was shot and the technical aspects of that scene. Any suggestions? Im thinking of when John...
  8. picasso swerve

    No more Official Tattoo Thread? Vol. Anyone know a great Japanese style artists in the NYC area?

    Sad to see that topic go, I tried searching for it and either im ******ed or it got lost in the shuffle. Anyways, its time for me to look for an artists to do my left arm full sleeve, Japanese style. Im looking for very traditional work done, hopefully could start it end of September/October...
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