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  1. dimples23aj

    Military V

    nice bro!!!!!
  2. dimples23aj

    LC/PC 99 IV

    fake! somewhere around the .01 range
  3. dimples23aj

    Price Check Space Jams and Altitudes

    160 altitudes 270 spacejams
  4. dimples23aj

    PC Raptor VII

    $130 citrus $165+ for raptors
  5. dimples23aj

    DS Jordan 1 Pics

    nice 1s collection
  6. dimples23aj

    my 2 year collection post UPDATE!!!

    u got some nice stuff here...keep it up
  7. dimples23aj

    MY Jeter Jumpman Jordan Collection (PICS)

    damn....nice Jeters....good collection...keep going!!!!!
  8. dimples23aj

    My Previous Collection... that I miss soooo sooo much

    nice blue IIIs and black/red VIs....nice stuff bro
  9. dimples23aj

    JWDANKLEFS' Dunk Collection...

    very nice collection
  10. dimples23aj

    Just In Time's Jordan Collection

    great stuff.....
  11. dimples23aj

    My LBJ Collection

    nice collection of lebrons here bro
  12. dimples23aj

    my starting shoe collection

    ummm nice 11s
  13. dimples23aj

    **Nyrican23's Collection**

    damn...nice collection here....
  14. dimples23aj

    My Collection: Jordan, Nike, Vans (UPDATED 3/31)

    nice stuff...keep it up
  15. dimples23aj

    GZA73/ShoeAffliction Air Jordan 3 collection!

    wish i had these...nice collection
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