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  1. ruger04

    Michael Jordan suing Chinese company

    CHARLOTTE, NC NBA great and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan announced Wednesday he was suing a Chinese sportswear and shoe manufacturer for unauthorized use of his name.   According to the lawsuit, the company's name, "Qiaodan," is the moniker Jordan has been known by in China since he...
  2. ruger04

    What would you do?

    So I ordered a pair of XIII white/wheat (size 9). What I got in the mail was XI white/blue (size 8 ) . I emailed the guy that I got the wrong shoes, he first apologized for the mistake. He then suggested that I send the XI white/blue to the correct buyer, he will pay the shipping charges. I...
  3. ruger04

    AJ XIII size comparison

    Just noticed something... I compared the bottom soles of the AJ XIII White/neutrual grey-uni blue size 9 to other size 9 AJs (i.e. AJ III, IV, and V) and found that the AJ XIII was a little bit shorter in length. While the AJ III, IV and V all had the same length. Has anyone noticed that the...
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