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    What's good, my left-handed brethren? :Nthat
  2. rhythmentality

    The toilet paper @ work: UNAPPRECIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Made the mistake of picking up a vanilla malt during my lunch break. I'm lactose intolerant.   I'm not much of a public !@#$ter, but when you gotta go, you gotta go...       ...but I just... can't. The toilet paper @ work is just so terrible.   You'd think a corporate setting with decent...
  3. rhythmentality

    CLEANING/WHITENING INNERS - What do you use?!

    i.e. white/white AF1s with yellowing inners...   What are your secrets?!       Sneaker care/maintenance thread in JB yields zero info on cleaning/whitening inners. Nor have I seen this discussed here in Nike Retro.   Anyone have any remedies?!   Super teeth whitening gel like yellowing midsoles...
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                [Thread title edited appropriately.]  
  5. rhythmentality

    TARGET: BUY 2, GET 1 FREE Sale (10/31 - 11/6)

  6. rhythmentality

    Best Buy answers back: BUY 2, GET 1 FREE GAME Sale (any game $59.99 or less)!! [10/25 - 10/31]
  7. rhythmentality

    2KSPORTS - NBA 2K10 Anniversary Edition [RUMOR]

    Edit ---//> Lock. Search engine.
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    Audiophiles, recommend me some good studio monitors and studio sub...

    Try to not think of what my price range is, but rather what's the best bang for the buck. I'm running in/out of a Digi 003 if it matters. M-Audio Studiophiles? Dynaudio BM5s? Or a 2.1 studio system [pair + sub] you'd recommend more? [Just don't recommend me some outrageous %$$% like a...
  9. rhythmentality

    [___The OFFICIAL (APPLYING FOR JOBS 101) Thread___]

    Fellow NT brothers and sisters... In a time where NikeTalk's age demographic is changing, I figured that we all can learn a thing or two from one another, As well as share our own $0.02 on the basics or the complexity of applying for jobs and being in a particular position/title. After...
  10. rhythmentality

    Yo... One of you NTers equipped your home into a recording studio. Which 1 of you is that?

    I've been stumped for the past year. I remember an NTer sharing pics of the recording studio that was outfitted with a full console [an SSL 9000J I think?], Welcoming any heads that'd like to come through and get familiar. Been tryin' to recall who it was... No luck. Tried searching for...
  11. rhythmentality

    TORONTO FOLKS: How's the weather? (Reply ASAP)

    What's good, folks... A close uncle passed away this past weekend, so I'm flying out to Toronto tomorrow. I'll be out there for a solid week... First time I've ever set foot in Canada, let alone anywhere toward that Northeast direction, So the worst weather I've experienced is...
  12. rhythmentality

    Yo, do you ever walk around in a store and...

    ...see a pic on the display racks/panels of a female [or males for you girls] holding up a sale item (like a digital camera or something of the likes, i.e. Best Buy or Target)... and think to yourself, "Hmm... I'd tear it up ******edly." I thought that to myself while I was walking...
  13. rhythmentality

    COLD WEATHER [Appeciate/Unappreciate] (Tell 'em how you really feel)

    I love the cold weather. Now granted, I've never been to the Northeast or the Midwest, So I don't know how bad some of y'all folks got it during the winter time, But I find it mad easier to warm up in the cold than to cool down in the heat. My genitals shrinking and trying its best...
  14. rhythmentality

    ORLANDO Folks: COVERT SKATE SHOP Clearance Sale

    Flyer courtesy of the Etoile/Covert/Beta family: Big clearance sale on kicks like Nike SBs, Adidas, Supra, I-Path, Etnies, ES, DS, Fallen... As well as on clothing lines like KREW, Obey, Murph, Zoo York, Fresh Jive, and the very own of Covert, Beta, & Etolie. Don't sleep... Support local...
  15. rhythmentality

    Premium Air Max 90: Kakigoori Pack

    Sorry if reposted... Aside from these, There's the Sunrise Premium AM1s we saw a while back and Premium Court Fource Hi's. Any info behind the actual pack? Haven't heard much. Pics courtesy of September 30, 2006: The day I only began to...
  16. rhythmentality

    CENTRAL [Orlando] FLORIDA NTers: How is it out there?

    What's crackin', Florida... Few of you might know me, most of y'all for sure don't. Anyway... ...I'm coming all the way from Southern Cali. LA to be exact, And I got accepted to Full Sail... My start date's in November, and I'm pretty much gonna go for it. Don't know if any of you get...
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