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  1. jumpman247

    Same Day In-Store Pickup - Appreciation Post

    Dear Friends, Aside from same day delivery, is there anything better shopping wise then in-store same day pick up? Be a last minute shopper, shop for everything you want online, get message saying items are ready for pick up, park far to avoid crowd, walk to in-store pick up, scan bar code on...
  2. jumpman247

    Shout Out To The Old Shoe Heads

    Hi, my name is Jacob aka Jumpman247. A lot of you probably don’t know me, I’ve been on NikeTalk for a very long time. I started lurking in 1999, and became a member in the year of our lord 2000. I did a lot, got banned a couple times, made some epic post and such, went to a couple summits and...
  3. jumpman247

    Scott Foster NBA Ref aka Dirty Squirrel

    How is this guy still a referee in the NBA? He was best friends with Tim Donaghy, if you don't know who that is he was the NBA ref that deliberately fixed and bet on NBA games and served 15 months in prison for it. From October 2006 to April 2007 Donaghy made 126 called to his booke and 136...
  4. jumpman247

    What's The Farthest You've Driven For a Girl/Guy

    Bros, Simple question, what’s the farthest you driven (not flown) for someone you loved (aka for yams)? Was it worth it? -Jump247
  5. jumpman247

    Why Is Your State Great or Not Great

    ALCON, I live in California, and it's pretty sweet. Pros: Huge State Beautiful Women Wonderful Weather Beaches Amusement Parks Awesome Skiing Awesome Hiking Beautiful Mountains Beautiful Landmarks Culture Cons: Gun Laws Traffic Bay Area = Expensive Traffic Side Shows My Boss Kardashians...
  6. jumpman247

    Employee Appreciation Day - March 4th

    ALCON, Those of you who work, what is your company doing for employee appreciation day? My manager brought bagels and I am trying to cut carbs, so I ate 2 bagels. -Jacob
  7. jumpman247

    Charlie Sheen has HIV

    If I'm late lock this up. #LOSING Where my reps at doubters?
  8. jumpman247

    The Official Wine and Cheese Thread - Gouda IsThe Best

    ALCON, I was sitting here at work enjoying a smoked bacon, egg and gouda on ciabatta bread and I couldn't help but thinking "Is gouda the best cheese ever in the world? I think that it is because it melts really good, and taste good on just about everything. I think that it is because you...
  9. jumpman247

    My Dog is Dying

    A lot of you know me and a lot of you don't, those that know me know in the past I've posted a lot of humorous things and I'm not a very serious person for the most part. Which brings me to this, my 10 year old mixed sharpei/lab is dying. I've had her since 2005, when I moved back from LA, I...
  10. jumpman247


    Hey Bros, Am I the only bro that get's pissed off during a movie when someone takes the time to make this massive breakfast I'm talking Eggs Scrambled :{ Pancakes with the crispy edges like cracker barrell :{ Cinnamon rolls, the type they put in the waffle iron bro. Hashbrown BRO...
  11. jumpman247

    Cards Against Originality aka Cards Against Humanity Online

    Some guy done did it, he made Card Against Humanity Online! If this has been posted lock it up. - Jacob 31 year old Man.
  12. jumpman247

    The I want a bae - The Single Thread

    I want a bae, no matter how annoying that word is. Where are my single NT'ers at? How long have you been single? -Jacob
  13. jumpman247

    Anyone play Town Of Salem?

    It's pretty fun, I'm 31 and I play it at work to kill time. Add me and let's play some games my sn = Agape -Jacob
  14. jumpman247

    When you guys exchange clothes at a clothing store how do you do it?

    Sup guys, it’s Jumpman247 your creepy 31 year old uncle who will buy you and your friends beer and gawk at girls who are like 15 but totally look legal. Anyways, I'm sitting here totally over analyzing things and I have a question. So you buy something and bring it home and it doesn't fit...
  15. jumpman247

    Ultimate n00b move, I shipped the wrong shoes to buyers

    I was in a hurry trying to ship shoes on friday and put the wrong label on each box :{ Has anyone ever done this? I've already contacted each seller and they're sending the shoes back but man, how could I be so stupid :{ What do you guys do to make a buyer happy after something like this? I...
  16. jumpman247


    My Bay Area folks, that was hella strong. Wake up call, big ones coming and you should have a plan and emergency food just in case :(
  17. jumpman247


    Air Force 1 Sheed Low sz 12 DS!! Never slipped a foot into these badboys. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Google Wallet, Chase Quick pay, Money order or cash I do NOT and will NOT use paypal. If you are in...
  18. jumpman247

    If You Could Go Back In Time And Change 3 Things That Happened In Your Life........

    Bros and by bros I mean forever my bros, lets say you run into a guy he looks sort of dusty and at first you're like :rolleyes I don't have any change bro and by bro I mean never my bro. Suddenly he flicks your lip with his finger and you're like :x no, no, no, no, no. You think to yourself...
  19. jumpman247

    People Who Drive Too Slow Are Just As Bad As Speeders

    I swear brothers, there is nothing that makes me angrier than someone on the Freeway/Highway doing 45/50 in a 65/70 zone :{ That makes people that are driving the speed limit have to go around you. Or people like this that drive super damn slow in the fast lane :{ Or how about the person...
  20. jumpman247

    Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II - Wanted For Possession of Explosives

    If any of my California buddies see this guy. Chamberlain is described as 6’3” weighing 225 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a dark blue navy hooded sweatshirt and jeans. He was last seen driving a white 2008 Nissan Altima with Texas or California license...
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