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  1. feelingood

    Legit Check : Infrared 3lab5

    Guys, was hoping some could help.. I have two pairs of infrared 3lab5's. The embossing logo on my 2nd pair looks crazy weak, compared to my first pair ( which stands out).. Ive attached pictures below.. Im wearing my first pair.  The pair in question is on the chair and w/ the close up . (...
  2. feelingood

    Kobe 1 Sizing

    Can you guys give me some input on the sizing on the Kobe 1's.. Looking to cop a pair of the prelude 1's..  AM 1's and 90's, NBs > Im a size 10.5.  Jordans I wear a size 10.  My Kobe 8's > 10 (but they are tight).  Really looking for some input. Ive searched everywhere.  Please help.
  3. feelingood

    The Guy about Nothing : Jerry Seinfeld and his HEAT

    I just got done watching season 3 episode 7 .. Jerry was rocking the '91 OG Air Jordan 6 Midnight Blue...  I use to think Fresh Prince rocked heat, until I started looking carefully at this white guy, whose kick game is just stoopendous. 
  4. feelingood

    Legit Check : Sneaker Manic

    You guys heard of this retailer. Anyone have any experience to tell me whether or not to purchase from him?
  5. feelingood


    Any of you guys heard of this retailer.. If so is he legit?
  6. feelingood

    Nike Air MAX 90 OLIVE\BAMBOO

    you guys have any info on this release??  It was a light olive\bamboo colorway slated to drop in october for fall...  Been digging into it constantly, and cant find any news on it other than when it was announced about a month or so ago.
  7. feelingood

    Legit Check - Question

    Guys, I bought a pair of safari 87 runners from Taiwan.. Honestly the shoes look legit to me. The box has a nike tag with size and what not, and also a sticker with taiwanese writing on the other side of it.. My question is, do shoes from over-seas (sold in other countries) come with the tear...
  8. feelingood

    Who else is afraid to DS their kicks...?

    Two Words.. The most terrifying words in a sneaker-heads dictionary......  shoe deterioration.
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