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  1. super38

    IT (The Clown) - Out September 8th

    Finally watched it today. I liked it, not as much as I liked the first one but it was a good ending imo.
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    OOTD for watching the game today.
  3. super38

    Official Starter Jacket Discussion Thread

    Always wanted a Starter jacket as a kid. Unfortunately we were too poor for me to get one. Bought a vintage Raiders one a few years ago but last year got a new one. Fit is so much better on the new ones and I get so many compliments rocking it.
  4. super38

    Meth is making a big comeback in the U.S.

    Idk about street level but on a dealer level meth is much cheaper. An ounce of meth here can be had for $300. An ounce of coke is $900 cheapest.
  5. super38

    What is the hardest thing about your job?

    The fact that most of the people I work with are terrible at their jobs. I am caught up on my work but some people are so far behind I’ve been asked to help em out. It gets tiring getting asked to step up for others ineptitude.
  6. super38

    Nike NBA Apparel and Jersey Thread: 2017-18 NBA Season Takeover

    Anybody else see Lebron with a Nike Crenshaw jersey? I’d cop on release date if it gets to retail.
  7. super38

    Vaping is killin’ em??

    Lots of folk tell me their oil pen hits amazing and works well. Then I’ll give em my wax pen and they’re straight on stupid. Wax hits harder thus you need less at a time and is straight weed extract Oil is already a cut product so I never understood the draw to it.
  8. super38

    How do you cleanse your mind? Vol. Formatting ur hard drive

    Self guided meditation has helped me a lot. Got me to a good spot and I feel much more peaceful.
  9. super38

    Vaping is killin’ em??

    Cant trust the THC oil at all. Even Berner had to issue a statement telling people to be aware of fake Cookies cartridges since they were floating around. I’m glad I have fam who grows because I get wax straight from the source and know it gets cut with nothing. The sad thing is the young kids...
  10. super38

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    OG colorway looks awesome. I like the exposed zoom bag. Interesting that the hole in the heel reminds me of an updated mix of the 14 air vent and the 2009 (24) heel. Mixing other 4 numbered Jordan sigs in it.
  11. super38

    Random Deals Thread VOL.....Never pay retail....

    Glad yours came in. Mine was changed from Saturday to getting here by tomorrow. I’m hoping it still comes in.
  12. super38

    Married with Children...APPRECIATION No Maam

    Just finished watching all the episodes a couple of weeks ago. Definitely a classic and would not be able to be made currently.
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    Picked up my 5th grader from her first day of school today and as usual got our 2009s on. Hers were DS until today. She loves telling people her shoes are old enough to be in her grade.
  14. super38

    Post some things from your childhood VOL....MEMORIES

    Came across the old one we had a few years ago. Of course I had to try it out, sadly it didn’t do a thing :lol:. Crazy to think I’ve actually been on every wave of bootleg video since then.
  15. super38

    Random Deals Thread VOL.....Never pay retail....

    Damn that sucks, when I posted I was able to order it free ship to store. Got my confirmation email, hopefully I get it.
  16. super38

    Random Deals Thread VOL.....Never pay retail....

    Target has the PlayStation classic for $20 again in stock.
  17. super38

    The RETRO Gaming Thread!

    PlayStation Classic on sale and in stock at Target again for $20. I finally pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to hack it and relive my childhood. My OG PlayStation has been lost for years. Had the mod chip to play the burned discs. Weekends were spent renting discs at the video store and burning em...
  18. super38

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Rockos Modern Life Static Cling is good. Nice to revisit the world again after 23 years. Can’t believe the things that went over my head when I was a kid. The damn show was terrible with the innuendo.
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    That it is
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    Rocking Omni Lite Pumps for work today.
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