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  1. nickle dime bay

    klipsch image s4i in ear headphones...anyone have them?

    Bought these headphones online and they should be here tomorrow, does anyone else own them? How do you like them? Ive read nothing but great reviews on these saying they are the best in their price range and they even rival some of the more expensive ones. Id like to hear your guys thoughts. Thanks
  2. nickle dime bay

    Best car alarm out there?

    Id like to see everyone's opinion on some of the best car alarms in the market right now. Ive read a little about Clifford and Viper and those seem like really reliable alarms. My truck got broken into last night and they took my subs so im in the market for a good alarm. So NT help me out and...
  3. nickle dime bay

    Got my subs jacked last night

    I wake up to find my box next to my truck stole my 3 12" Type R's and my 2 amps damn this blows.
  4. nickle dime bay

    There is a spider inside my Plasma TV! (video)

    NT theres a big spider behind the glass of my plasma screen, i uploaded a video i took with my iphone to youtube but its processing still. How the hell did itget in there?? Its just walkin around the screen like nothin too dont know how to embed, youtube was takin too long so i uploaded to...
  5. nickle dime bay

    How many MPG does your car/truck get? Vol. i need a hybrid

    With gas being so damn expensive now (almost $4 here in the Bay) what is everyones MPG? Driving a 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab City 17 Hwy 19
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