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  1. onlysomejordans

    Best song in a video game.

    I'm daring you, NT to find a better song. If you do. Profit.
  2. onlysomejordans

    I'm just going to put this here....

  3. onlysomejordans

    =Official PES 2011 Thread | PC DEMO LINK INSIDE | US RELEASE PS3/XBOX/PC 10/19=

    Since theres a few PES heads posting in the FIFA 11 thread I thought I'd make this thread for the PES fans. I know a lot of people, mostly FIFA fans criticize the game due to not having my licenses, etc. But the editing community in this game makes it null, especially the PC version of the game...
  4. onlysomejordans

    Black Berry Messenger....Have you friends been afflicted?? Vol. Get off the damn phone!!!

    I know just about everyone and their mothers and fathers text nowadays, but the BBM cult that Research In Motion has started is getting out of hand. I don't know if it's just a lower Westchester thing, but my friends have all become BBM zombies. Can't carry a conversation with them constantly...
  5. onlysomejordans

    The avatar that I have as my current avatar under my SN......

    <---------- This. Does anyone have the link to the site that makes these? I had it bookmarked, but since then I have formatted my HDD and lost the link.  
  6. onlysomejordans

    Some PS assistance please....

    I was recently watching The Simpsons Movie on my computer and I paused to movie to step our of the room when I realized Bart Simpson is a lip biter. My"shopping" skills are way below par and I'd like someone to PS a pair of sunglasses to his face to add to the internet meme. Here's the pic.
  7. onlysomejordans

    You know you want me mama, you want me to be your man... Pharrell hooks > ______

    Song can be discussed though. Beginning of the decade Neptunes FTW. To this day it's the only Alkaholiks song I've ever heard. *Dons flamesuit incase of left coast attackage*
  8. onlysomejordans

    Do you still use the N word?

    After watching the Anti-Red Cafe video in this thread, I face palmed for a good twentyminutes at the garbage being spewed. I personally stopped using the word about 3 years ago. It does slip at times not going to lie, and if repeating rap lyrics I'll use it. But that'swhere it stops. I think...
  9. onlysomejordans

    Post Your Brain Farts

    - Using room key to open house door, using house door to open room door. One time I took out my MetroCard to open my room door. - Putting milk in the cuppard and the drink powder in the fridge. - Taking off and running a red light because the NEXT LIGHT turned green. - Getting your...
  10. onlysomejordans

    In Search Of... (2002 Worldwide/Spymob Version)

    Holy Jesus!!!!! How come no one ever told me this was better than the UK version of this album. I've been listening to that one for years always ignoringthe presence of this majestic piece of work. Wow that is all I can say right now, I feel like I've never heard of N*E*R*D before. Provider...
  11. onlysomejordans

    [1-900-Hustler]First things first....

    "watch what you say out your mouth when you talkin on the phone to hustlers" I can't front the first time I heard Free's verse on this track I broke down in tears word to the Raptor Jesus .gif. This verse had people thinking Free was the second coming of Allah, God, Zues, Ares, etc. Discuss.
  12. onlysomejordans

    Six Minutes Of Death(MM 2 Version) Appreciation Post

    Millz, Stack & Joey went hard on this track. But Joey's verse For once trust me you don't wanna start problems the pound will make you Eddie Curry wit a heart problem 'll give it to any +!!+$, I mean any +!!+$ big man or skinny +!!+$, dare a dude tempt me +!!+$ auto or semi +!!+$, dump it...
  13. onlysomejordans

    Random things you thought as a kid...

    We were all young and naive once(no A-Rod) and our perspective of things were a little bit off. All these thoughts are probably around the ages of 5/6-9 - I used to think that if I opened a juice drink without shaking it, I couldn't close it and shake it. I felt like a voided that "shake well...
  14. onlysomejordans

    Has this been revisted lately? 2005 Summit Eddie Mack Pose!

    If not, discuss. [/spoiler]
  15. onlysomejordans

    Any vegeterians/vegans on NT?

    In January I was diagnosed with lymphoma, so I gave up drinking, red meat, etc. Anywho I want to go a healthier route and I've started a vegan diet. NowI'd like to know any recipes any vegetarian/vegan NT'ers follow to not get bored of eating the same thing.
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