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  1. marollocd

    Nike please Retro the OG Air Unlimited!!!! Please!!

    These should be in OG colorways if they ever retro these bad boys!
  2. marollocd

    The XIs, what would u do?

    Here's a rule of thumb for OG sneakerheads: Sell, dump or give away all your J's if they're not the retro colorways. Leave the colorful, fancy retro's to the kids.
  3. marollocd

    When you guys cop in person, do you examine your pair like crazy and make sure it's perfect?

    When you buy something, always check the product for near perfect condition, unless you're buying a Ferrari. When I bought my Jordan IV Military's, the left shoe's side flap was longer than the right one. The quality wasn't near perfect condition at all but since it was the last pair for my...
  4. marollocd

    Is the shoe game dead

    To some OG folks like me, I think it just bottomed out. As an OG sneakerhead, I lost interest in what the youngins called shoe game. Why? No offense to the tweeners but they're only witnesses to LBJ but not to his Greatness and his Airness MJ. Most kids just buy the "Jordan" brand because...
  5. marollocd

    Garnett III retro info? Just saw sample pics of both OG colors....

    There's one on sale here at NT. The price is very much reasonable and it's also negotiable. Check out the link.
  6. marollocd

    Garnett III retro info? Just saw sample pics of both OG colors....

    I still have mines in unworn, mint condition (Sz. 10). I didn't know that I have those until when I moved out; Those kicks were hiding in my basement. Thebox details says: Air Garnett III White/Chrome-MN Navy Bla/Chrome-Navy 830165 102 I'll try to post some pics.
  7. marollocd

    What is the cure for PASMA?

    Mary Palmer needs to get the job done! Mary Palmer (Mariang Palad). For Sale/Trade: Brand New Air Jordan IV Mist Blue Sz 9.5 w/ receipt! Or Trade me your Brand New Tour Yellow IV Sz 10!
  8. marollocd

    Air Max 180 Basketball

    180's are a bit heavier than the 360 BB's. If you're looking to play the post (mostly PF and C), I recommend these 180's. Yes, Anonymous Dude, they're good to play the paint and specially on the third game of wearing them (At least after 120 minutes of game time). But If you...
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