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  1. l3monheads

    share something u do that you wouldn't want ppl in real life knowing

    We were smart kids indeed. We had the biggest pillow cases full of candy at the end of night. 128521
  2. l3monheads

    share something u do that you wouldn't want ppl in real life knowing

    I was too poor as a child to get expensive Halloween costumes, so my mom dressed me up in normal clothes and when everyone asked me what I was, I had to say I was an honor roll student. Trick or treat!
  3. l3monheads

    Air Jordan VIII retro "Bugs Bunny"

    Has anyone bought shoes from I've heard some sketch comments about it's legitimacy. And, does anyone know where I can find the AJ DB editions?
  4. l3monheads


    I obtained my B.B.A. In Finance in spring of 2012 from GRU. After graduating, I considered attending grad school for a masters in Finance. I spoke with my school advisors. And, they say all business majors should take the GMAT if they are considering attending grad school. Advisors say the GRE...
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    I haven't read all the post in here, but I figured I would touch ground on this thread. An individual, my professor in finance, says a random cat, the actual animal, could make the same returns on a portfolio as you guys in here trying to actively manage your portfolios. Save yourself time and...
  6. l3monheads

    San Antonio NT's Come in...

    Hi SA neighbors! I'm looking for finance/real estate/analysts jobs in the area. I have a degree in Finance, and I've been working for a bank in Atlanta for a year and a half now. I'm wanting to move west, but I wanted to get an idea of what the job market was like for my field. Does anyone have...
  7. l3monheads

    Sacramento Kings off-season thread

    Regret coming into this thread. Lakers country is the next right up128077
  8. l3monheads

    Bred 11 "45" sample legit check

    They look clean. What size?
  9. l3monheads

    Still have an inaccurate post count or join date? We've got you covered.

    Why can I not join discussions in numerous forums and threads? 128545
  10. l3monheads

    Flyknit Chukka Thread

    Don't know, but why can I not post in other forums???
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