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  1. sh0ejunkie

    the best shoe spots in Chicago

    Hey Chicago!  I'll be in Chicago during the middle of May for the conference and I'm looking for some places to shop at! More shoes then clothes. I saw most of the postings on here but couldn't find any premium places. Can anyone help me out on this? -cd 
  2. sh0ejunkie

    Atlanta, GA shoe spots

    thanks friend, twitter huh?? Hit me up on twitter im bouts to follow you..... In a non stalker kind of way LOL
  3. sh0ejunkie

    Atlanta, GA shoe spots

    You got some numbers for me please???
  4. sh0ejunkie

    Atlanta, GA shoe spots

    Hey everyone, I'm from Seattle visiting some fam from Atlanta. Looking for some shoe spots. Any suggestions?? Oh the only thing is they gots to be smallsizes. I'm a female with a size 8 shoe so I rock a size 6.5 in men. Thanks!! P.S. If anyone is going to be at Clark Atlanta University...
  5. sh0ejunkie


    A Typical Females Summer To Do List 01. Get a damn tan (PNW weather sucks) 02. Meet new people (all the time) 03. Make some damn money (something that will never be fulfilled) 4. Move out in to her own crib ( will be accomplished by August) 5. Have an occasional hookup 6. Party...
  6. sh0ejunkie

    Air Jordan collection stolen from West Seattle home

    So while drinking my daily morning tea, I know.... I was reading the paper like usual and I came across this article. --Air Jordan collection stolen from West Seattle home By BRAD WONG P-I REPORTER April 21, 2008 If you see someone with a large collection of Air Jordans -- like 50 pairs...
  7. sh0ejunkie

    4A State Tournament

    Nioce to see the love for Franklin. I must admit the atmosphere of the Tacoma Dome messes your mind up. and I also do agree Franklin is tiny team but has goodspeed. Hopefully they'll get them with Mariner in the next half an hour. Any FHS graduates on this post?
  8. sh0ejunkie

    U-N-I at Chop Suey TONIGHT

    Anyone there tonight??? Do you think its even worth checking out??
  9. sh0ejunkie

    Camp Question

    haven't camped out in a while but niketown here doesn't really do the bracelets anymore only for LS but there are certain occasions when they do givethem out. same rules as vegas no earlier than 5pm however sometimes they don't really mind as long as your keeping it civil. like everyone did say...
  10. sh0ejunkie


    --13 COINS is nice, there are 2 locations, one by westlake and the other in sea tac by the airport. pricey and there is always a long wait, open 24 hours --Todai not the best put a good place to go if your going to have more than 30 people with. Buffet style and the birthday person gets in for...
  11. sh0ejunkie

    Where can i find a place that sells hookah pipes?

    there is a couple of joints on broadway
  12. sh0ejunkie

    ROLL CALL!Where does everyone go to highschool?????

    Seattle206, who are you? My cousin graduated that year, I hanged out with a lot of 04 people.
  13. sh0ejunkie

    So, When did GOODS get a Nike/Jordan account?

    AGREED, I only like Capitol for the Air Maxes though, thats about it. I still wish theywould get some new floors because I really feel that is the cause of the odd odor in there. GOODS has nice cloths but not much for the females, I head it toWinners Circle for most of mines or Laced Up.
  14. sh0ejunkie

    ROLL CALL!Where does everyone go to highschool?????

    Franklin High School Class of 06
  15. sh0ejunkie

    Where will you be for black friday?

    Premium outlets (B-CRAP), Best Buy (Kick Behind), Target, (2 thumbs down), Frys (its great to have friends who work their to let you cut in line and use theirdiscount) Walmart (bought PC for $300) my black friday wish list was FULFILLED.
  16. sh0ejunkie

    So, When did GOODS get a Nike/Jordan account?

    ahahaha, I read this at work, and I must agree. What is it about that place? Maybe its the hardwood floors or something?
  17. sh0ejunkie

    So, When did GOODS get a Nike/Jordan account?

    No doubt GOODS is better, however going to Capitol doesn't hurt to cop some Air Maxes for a beter price than most stores or just to take a littlepeek.
  18. sh0ejunkie

    So, When did GOODS get a Nike/Jordan account?

    I'll have to go check Capitol one of these days after class, I just get so tired to walk down there from Central. I thought it was just a little odd thatGOODS has a Jordan acct now.
  19. sh0ejunkie

    volunteering for the holidays?

    Hey Larry, I guess you can start of by looking for homeless shelters that are doing the thanksgiving dinner and then go from there. Another idea is I saw onthe news that a Tacoma shelter is in need of alot of help and turkeys, the next day I saw that a whole lot of people helped. Check it out...
  20. sh0ejunkie

    So, When did GOODS get a Nike/Jordan account?

    I am aware of their Nike SB account and their GR/Premium account with Nike, but when the Jordan account. Excuse me in advance for my no knowledge of. Educateme.
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