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  1. regui8er

    replacements for 20.5.5

    So back when the 20.5.5's came out the first time(summer 05 i believe) i bought them as a total gamble, just based on the facts that they looked decentand we're decently priced and I badly needed a new pair of shoes, the next summer ended up buying another pair when they were re-released...
  2. regui8er

    Does the economy reflect you purchase Jordans?

    Just wondering... ...with the mortgage crisis and struggling economy, things like car sales, traveling and shopping have gone down vs. previous years. Does it affect how youpurchase Jordans? Maybe why so many of the XX2s, XXI PEs, and other shoes are in outlets?
  3. regui8er

    Where is there an adidas outlet near Chicago?

    Mods can delete. Found it, guess you gotta google Adidas Retail Outlet, fox valley mall in aurora.
  4. regui8er

    Review Request: Crazy 8 vs. Crazy 1

    I really wanted a pair of Crazy 1's but they are pretty hard to find, on the other hand the crazy 8's are almost just as easy to find with their psycho colors. Which shoe is better and how is the performance relative to any other shoe?
  5. regui8er

    Which regional release of Jordan 1 lows does Chicago get?

    Which regional release of retro Jordan 1 lows do we get? I'm guessing the northside, but not sure, I tried searching for this in the forum but couldn't find it, sorry if been posted already.
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