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    or simply RWB. It roughly translates into Rough World. They make incredible cars that go as  as they look. Purists hate RWB and consider it a part of whole "stance" scene and in some cases called rice as well as hipsterish. My personal automotive taste gravitates more toward the big wheel scene...
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    Does this qualify as a simp move?

     and no thats not his mother/daughter
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    It got real on South Beach last night.

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    No love affair dropping?
  5. lemonade41

    Who else is copping on the 26th?

  6. lemonade41

    Who else is copping on the 26th?

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  8. lemonade41

    This can't be life

      post up other albums that are surprisingly expensive/have gained value
  9. lemonade41

    This will not end well

    This pic is ASKING to be MeMe'd and since this is NT, check out the Jordans in the pic
  10. lemonade41

    They wanna see me dead

    put prices on my head, spreadin rumors round town, like I fell down......
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    Stuff NT does not like

    American cars Black Women Jean Shorts(though nothing is wrong with that, I actually cosign this) LRG The Cavaliers The South MJ's Jeans girls in general Solja Boy Greeks(both black and white) Anywhere that isn't CA or NY near in those areas God(the amount of athiests on here is...
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    Where my fellow Max owners at?

    Just got my 01 Maxima the other day, its been pretty so far. Where my fellow max owners on NT?
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    Getting As in an actual course appreciation

    Ya'll dont know what this means for me, I havent been the best student(been in school since fall 06 and only have enough credits to be a sophmore, droppingclasses FTW/FTL) and my parents were thinking about not letting me come back to school. So I finally buckled down(and used plenty of adderall...
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    Chevy Caprice returning vol. A hood classic its only gonna be for police at first, but there is much speculation that suggests that a civilian model will be available(likely to help it "blend"with traffic as well as for sales)
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    Forget it

    trying to enlighten people is pointless on here smh
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    PS3 or XBOX 360

    Alright, I'm about to get my refund check from school, I'm starting a new bank account with it, the rest will go toward a PS3 or XBOX 360, which oneshould I get and why?
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    Yo NT, put me onto some good metal

    Rap is sucking now for the most part, so I've been getting into new genres I've never really messed with, I'm getting deep into electronica, anddue to the show Metalocolypse I'm starting to like metal as well, I DLed the dethalbum and loved it(I know its not "real" metal per se, but Iliked what...
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    Who remembers this?

    This is an old mixtape from 04 or 05 I believe, and its hard to find on youtube with the music playing, I found one but its not appropriate for NT, it was sickback then and still is now. Anyone know where to find this amare stoudemire mix from the same period but it has momma said know you...
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    I can't be the only person who loves beats like these I'd love to hear people hop on these beats and RAPE them,not just ride them
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    say my car the same color as fluoride......................................
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