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  1. mr hippoh

    What to order from Starbucks? vol. first time

    Mmm. Chai. You can do a Tuxedo mocha. half white chocolate half dark chocolate. HINT: a strawberries and creme with a shot of toffee nut taste like captaincrunch.
  2. mr hippoh

    Careers 9-5 Vol. Can you do it ?

    Id love to. Im currently working 10:30pm to 4:30 am. 7 days a week. Having the nights to kick back would be great.
  3. mr hippoh

    Jurassic Park Appreciation

    Theme song is epic
  4. mr hippoh


    Dope. nice cements.
  5. mr hippoh

    Why are they still making these parody movies???

    I dont even see how they could possibly make money.
  6. mr hippoh

    5 Things You'll Have When Zombies Attack

    Yeah nevermind yours is better^^
  7. mr hippoh

    5 Things You'll Have When Zombies Attack

    + The metal suit on the left= unbitable + (headshots only!) + Im ready to go to war.
  8. mr hippoh

    Post your most embarrassing sexual encounters vol. 4

    ^ Thats hella smashing
  9. mr hippoh

    April 20th 2009

    I need a job so im because i cant .
  10. mr hippoh

    Anybody here collect MIGHTY MUGGS??

    I want to collect them. Maybe when i get a job. theyre dope
  11. mr hippoh

    2009. May be the best year for Jordan shoes?

    I bet the quality will disappoint
  12. mr hippoh

    Retro French 9 Appreciation

    Not letting my pair go. Great shoe.
  13. mr hippoh

    12/1/09 Spacejams

    @ the $175 pricetag. Good luck yall.
  14. mr hippoh

    Absolutely Amazing...

    Wowzers. Dope.
  15. mr hippoh


    Absolutely incredible . Still have those seattles?
  16. mr hippoh

    Is sneaker craze as big as it used to be?

    Preach!!! My passion for the game is almost completely gone.
  17. mr hippoh

    upcoming movies, Thor, M.I.B 3, Hancock 2, Smurfs,Green Lantern

    SMURFS Done deal son.
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