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  1. the nor

    2014-2015 NCAA / NFL Gear

    I haven't watch too much football this year, but, whatever happened to the Vapor Ultimates? I feel as if I haven't seen them on any players or on the Oregon sidelines. Any insight? Where these a serious fail of consumer expectations?
  2. the nor

    2014-2015 NCAA / NFL Gear

    I have to say this. In regards the the Nike video with Manziel talking about the new cleat and how "it's the best cleat he's ever had on his feet", then why isn't he wearing them? Last time I saw I picture or video clip of him, he was in the Jordan VI, not the $250 Vapor. Maybe I'm getting...
  3. the nor

    Nike Air Zoom Flight 96 Retro 2014...Olympics with the 6

    I always thought this would be a good looking cleat. Football or baseball. A Team Block, of course.
  4. the nor

    ***MLB Feet and Equipment 2014***NEW THREAD

    Those Desert color cleats are what Army wore during the 2012(?) Army/Navy Game. Football cleats, TD bottom. Vapor Talons, I believe.
  5. the nor

    NFL/NCAA Feet & Gear: '13-'14 Seasons Football Equipment/Cleats/Gloves/Jerseys etc.

    ^ That is from the Nike Baseball department. Metal cleat base. Special soles for the All-Star game and now the World Series.
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    ***MLB Feet and Equipment 2013***NEW THREAD

    Mark- Take the padding off your mask and contact Green Gridiron. They re-dip football facemasks, but I've seen on their Twitter that they have done work with the Clemson baseball team. I don't know if they offer that service to the public yet, maybe Clemson was able to because they're in the...
  7. the nor

    The "DAMN I remember them!!!" Vintage Nike Thread!!!

    Man, those Air MIsson's, that's the shoe that sparked my passion for Nike and sneakers in general. I'm glad those Turmoil's game up too, I would take those any day over Diamond/Speed Turfs. Such a clean shoe.
  8. the nor

    Official Air Max 97 Thread

    I'm glad others want the 98, I'd even ask for the 96, without the stupid 180 bottom. Is there any reason Nike only retro's the 90, 95, 97?
  9. the nor

    ***NIKE MLB 2012***NEW THREAD

    Yeah those were 40/40s, I had a pair in Pro Red for my summer ball team as well as the low tops 40/40 SP, I think they were called. I stopped wearing them because the lows just don't offer enough support. I still don't know how any athlete can wear lows.
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    I've had my mind wrapped around an Omega Speedmaster for the past week, I don't know why. I know it's a classic, I know every person into wristwatches should own one, and I've been doing a lot of side work leaving me with some fun money. Does anyone have any suggestions for place to look for a...
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    We're getting tail through instagram now? The game has clearly changed or it's lame.
  12. the nor

    Air max 90's

    Good for you for getting a bit tired of Jordan's. Same thing happened to me a few years ago. Air Max's are always a tough shoe and you could wear them with more.
  13. the nor

    ***NIKE MLB 2012***NEW THREAD

    Does MLB have uniform police like the NFL. I know most of these cleats are predominately the designated team color, but I feel some of them are really pushing that limit, which I'm all for. Baseball cleats for the longest time were just so bland.
  14. the nor

    NFL/NCAA Feet: '12-'13 Football Equipment/Cleats/etc. Vol. Nike is back in the NFL!

    All that gold makes me wish I was still playing. Gold is just so in-your-face, it's brilliant.
  15. the nor

    Air Max 97 Hyperfuse 'Silver Bullet'

    I don't think these look at that bad, just a different twist on the original. If you don't like it, then you don't have to buy it. I would like to see some other air maxes get into the retro game. The 1, 90, 95, 97, 2009, have been given to the community well, and I love having their...
  16. the nor

    Nike AM90 and AM1 Vintage pack

    I have to admit I'm not entirely interested in the vintage look of the yellowed midsole, but I would like to get myself my first pair of 1's.
  17. the nor

    ==== LunarGLIDE+ 4 & iD (SAMPLES pg7) - New iD Gradient Option ====

    I think this is a pretty clean looking shoe. The color fade on the iDs on Page one looks pretty sharp. I can imagine it's NIke's intent to have their running line look similar, but the mesh upper seems so similar to Free's.
  18. the nor

    Ask a former NIKE Basketball employee...

    I"ll save us from another employment question.... What is the process for a Nike athlete to get a special mock up of a colorway or model? I know that all athletes are on a differing tiers when it comes to footwear, gloves, equipment, etc., and the big dogs get all open doors and people willing...
  19. the nor

    Ask a former NIKE Basketball employee...

    Rock/NikeDealer, (do you even post as RD anymore?) Good to read/see that you're DC. I've seen a lot down here since moving from Upstate NY, different styles, kids with Retro's and no idea about the back story. I have to admit, I don't listen to sports radio much, outside of the Junkie's in the...
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