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  1. ARK

    Official Nike Tennis (and other brands as well) Thread

    They look like men’s boxers.
  2. ARK

    Air Jordan 11 Retro "Concord" - December 8, 2018 release - $220 #45

    Disappointed. Columbias are well overdue.
  3. ARK

    "Nike air Flight Huarache" Still hoping, praying, and waiting for these to return. This year or n

    Need huarache trainers next. Come on Nike!
  4. ARK

    AJ VII Cardinal Dec 17, 2022

    I think the year of the 7 has been pretty quiet overall. Normally we get several pairs of that anniversary year Jordan for each year. In this case we only got 3 didn’t we?
  5. ARK

    Nike Air VaporMax

  6. ARK

    Air Max Scorpion (2022)

  7. ARK

    Nike Air VaporMax

    I would put on my triple white 1.0 and meet her at the altar. 🤡
  8. ARK

    Post your toys! Vol. 1?

    I want a classic Firefly in classified series. The original outfit.
  9. ARK

    Nike Air VaporMax

    Wow that’s crazy.
  10. ARK

    Official Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Thread

    So I knew about these a few months ago and made a Photoshop of them. Looks like I’m missing red on the pull tabs.
  11. ARK

    NIKE ACG thread

  12. ARK

    Nike Air Flight Lite II retro looks to be coming

    @jshortt @72and10 @sfsjjang98 @Forsy231 @marztharealist @OGponson @05fordgt Is this a Woolworth company reunion thread? I worked at Champs from 1992 - 1997 part time. Then once I graduated college I continued to work part time (weekends) for many more years to 2005-2006. Some weeks I would...
  13. ARK

    AJ VII Cardinal Dec 17, 2022

  14. ARK

    AJ VII Cardinal Dec 17, 2022

    Yeah I checked out with US delivery too.
  15. ARK


    Agassi tribute shoe coming out. No it’s not an Agassi model. Blue and volt..
  16. ARK

    AGAIN?? Nike Trainer SC High Retro - Spring 2013

    Blue and volt..
  17. ARK

    AGAIN?? Nike Trainer SC High Retro - Spring 2013

    I guess the news is out of the bag. Haha
  18. ARK

    APPLE THREAD | Apple Event Sept. 7th | iPhone 14

    Pretty sure he’s talking about the Mini 64gb WiFi since it’s on sale for $399 everywhere.
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