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  1. sneakerpimp115

    NYCers...Halal Cart on 53rd and 6th... isnt bad....holds me over til I go back home on breaks.
  2. sneakerpimp115

    Rep your college

    class of '10 
  3. sneakerpimp115

    Niketalkers From 2003/2004 - Still Here?

    June 22nd 2003....Summer i started working
  4. sneakerpimp115

    NBA 2K9 Trailer..

    doesnt look that great to me... they should of put chris paul back on the cover cp3 > the big ticket
  5. sneakerpimp115

    ::Anybody Else On NT Have Hyperhidrosis?::

    I dont have it...but i know one treatment is you can go to dermatologist and you can have botox injected into like paralyzes the sweat glands orsome crap (I'm serious)
  6. sneakerpimp115

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    they are hemmed....not high water status but just scared they'll end up high water status if i wash em....
  7. sneakerpimp115

    DJ Drama or DJ Khaled??

  8. sneakerpimp115

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    I made the mistake of hemming a pair of APCs before i washed/soaked i pretty much stuck with having dry clean as my only option? cause im scaredto death to wash them....the inseam is like a 32 and its perfect now....i dont want them to end up looking like high had em...
  9. sneakerpimp115


    im going to try this...thanx
  10. sneakerpimp115

    So I got my 1st semester 4.0...but this is suprisingly unfulfilling :-\.

    ill trade you my 1.510....then you'd have something to *+$%$ about...
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