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  1. jaysrcrak

    OZARK [A Netflix Original Series | Season 3 | 2019??]

    Just finished the 1st episode. My God Del was gangsta asf. Playin NO games. Great start. On to episode 2.
  2. jaysrcrak

    R Kelly is a sick and sadistic individual

    As always, you bring up a point that has NOTHING to do with the point I was ASKING about. AIDS, Diabetes... TF does that have to do with what I said? All I did was quote a definition. If you have a problem with the definition of these terms, refer your complaint to Oxford and Webster. But to...
  3. jaysrcrak

    RIP Chester Bennington from Linkin Park....

    Sup Bro! Same to you. Ain't seen you in a min. We gotta both get the same game and get back to killing ****.
  4. jaysrcrak

    RIP Chester Bennington from Linkin Park....

    Its really sad he chose to end his life in this way. Great vocalist. I really enjoyed his work. Not a fan of suicide but R.I.P Chester.
  5. jaysrcrak

    My dog was attacked by another dog, the owner is denying responsibility, what can I do?

    I know this from watching too many court shows. No matter what the owner has a responsibility to control their dogs, because animals are going to act like animals period. At ALL times. Even when leashed. If you lose control of your dog and it bites another human or harms another animal you are...
  6. jaysrcrak

    R Kelly is a sick and sadistic individual

    Just caught up on this thread. FYI for all the people calling R. Kelly a pedophile Pedophilia- a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Hebephilia- is defined as individuals with a primary or...
  7. jaysrcrak

    Do you have any unpopular opinions???VOL....2

    Blindspots? What are those? Just get one of these at Autozone for $10 and never have that problem ever again
  8. jaysrcrak


    I aint never repped Ninja so many times in one thread in 11 years. He is absolutely right. It aint about album sales true, but what he is saying is that people werent checking for his album IN 96. People were talking about so many OTHER projects MORE than RD. It doesnt mean that it was trash...
  9. jaysrcrak

    Do you have any unpopular opinions???VOL....2

    They was seriously the size of a womens basketball. But natural and saggy. And when she layed down they just fell off to the side. It really seemed so promising but was so disappointing.
  10. jaysrcrak

    Do you have any unpopular opinions???VOL....2

    I always liked the proportional bodies myself. Nice cake and nice breasts, small waist. But then I smashed this chick who had unusually large breasts. Double NN's or something, can't remember. It took both hands to pick up one titty. And she wasnt fat so it made her look crazy. I thought I...
  11. jaysrcrak

    Update - Rob Kardashian wylin on social media. Power of the P will break a man!

    Aint no such thing as **** shaming. I really hate that term. Shame comes from within. Shame is felt NOT inflicted. No one can SHAME another person. That person can only shame THEMSELVES. \which is where the word ASHAMED comes from. Even when you are ashamed of another person. That is a feeling...
  12. jaysrcrak

    Happy 4th of July

    I hear what you saying... there aren't many other places I'd rather be living than here in the states.
  13. jaysrcrak

    NT Whats your Regimen?

    THIS. But Natural Spring Water from confirmed sources only. Any other water that has been purified is a no go. Those waters that were purified were done so either with chemicals, or using machines that are cleaned using chemicals. Either way those chemicals are passed along to you and your...
  14. jaysrcrak

    NT Whats your Regimen?

    Well here is my health regimen. I Intermittent Fast On Fast days:( I work 3rd shift) Let's say I start on Monday Eat Dinner around 5:00 P.M., go to sleep, go to work @11 P.M.,I dont eat at work and drink lots of Natural Spring Water, by the time I get off @ 7 A.M. I am at 14 hours fasted(16...
  15. jaysrcrak


    If she spent as much time changing her lifestyle as she does coming up with cute quips for why being morbidly obese is okay, she would already have a nice body that is healthy. It really comes down to making a decision and until you make it you will remain in your same situation. I KNOW. I...
  16. jaysrcrak

    Your Next Vacation Destination.....?

    Just got back from a family trip to Hot Springs Arkansas. It was really nice. Apparently Bill Clinton grew up here. Class of '64 They have several top quality golf courses. Played 36 holes on the Isabella golf course which is the #1 rated course in Arkansas for years. And we played...
  17. jaysrcrak

    Minnesota Family Pulled Over; Police Shoots Man For Getting His License...After He Told Him To Get H

    Philando Castile is the poster child for injustice of police brutality as far as im concerned. It's so aggregious. I cant say I ride for everyone that BLM props up but this man was an actual martyr. I will ride for Castile til I die.
  18. jaysrcrak


    And just like that they are down 13
  19. jaysrcrak


    Now CLE just has to maintain and not give it away
  20. jaysrcrak


    Usually the gane is ending and we atill have a whole quarter to go. Crazy game
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