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  1. vctry20

    ESPN's Rob Parker ripping Atlanta sports fans...and you know what? I agree with him...

    Can't agree with this, 60% of professional baseball players are white and there's even less of those teams in the south...
  2. vctry20

    Do shooting sleeves even @%!$#%# do anything?

    Strictly for Adidas marketing purposes I'm sure
  3. vctry20

    Im 22 and im losing my hair FML...

    I'm 24 and my hair is way gone. I just cut it down to a #1, keep my beard game tight and you'd be surprised how people don't notice.  I've been pulling more tail as a bald man in the bast 6 months than in the two years I tried to hide it and comb it over.  Embrace it, and be confident, you'll...
  4. vctry20

    Does anyone on NT cut their own hair? PICS will be forthcoming

    I buzz my head and trim the beard every week and go to get lined up every 2 weeks
  5. vctry20

    Post "humble brags" you see on your FB or Twitter

    My co-workers always check us in at the hotels, airports, or bars when we travel for work.  Doesn't really bug me that much, but I hate when I see folks check-in at the gym....every day
  6. vctry20

    Walked into Supreme for the first time today

    I say it doesn't bother me, but I am like 20x more likely to keep shopping at stores where the employees are cool. I just cant stand the hang-arounds who don't work there, they just sit there all day, talk to whoever's workings, and mug everyone that comes through. But it is what it is, when...
  7. vctry20

    ***Official Sports & Training Grave-dig Thread***

    I'm trying to find a screenshot from a few years back when someone called me "the lamest NTer of all-time" because I shot down his preseason prediction of the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.
  8. vctry20

    Seriously, why isn't Cam Newton getting the same, if not higher, praise as Tim Tebow?

    The same reason why the Cowboys get more coverage than most NFL teams. They're not the best, but they're the most popular. Tebow is one of the most d-rode college football players of all time, his fan base is ridiculous. The more they cover him, the more Tebow nation is going to tune in...
  9. vctry20

    Any of ya'll play b-ball?

    Yeah there's always people there on the weekends
  10. vctry20

    The Best Mayoral Campaign Ad...Ever

    The election is on November 8th, to find out more about the campaign you can check his website
  11. vctry20

    The Best Mayoral Campaign Ad...Ever

    It's not that serious
  12. vctry20

    The Best Mayoral Campaign Ad...Ever

    Ed Lee Running for Mayor of San Francisco Featuring MC Hammer,, Brian Wilson, Biz Stone (Twitter co-founder), Ronnie Lott, Willie Brown (Former SF Mayor), Marissa Mayor (google), Hunter Walk (YouTube)
  13. vctry20

    Bernard Berrian tells a war veteran with no legs to "sit down and shut up"

    cold blooded I'm done Clearly he didn't know though, sounds like everything is good now
  14. vctry20


    I feel like Huf had the same version of that shirt at some point, nothing will ever beat this one though, still have mine
  15. vctry20

    Sacramento/Team 916 Chat Thread?

    It should be a go.  I'm not in town on a weekend until October so I'll try and throw something together.   *sends out Bat Signal to Sac NTers*
  16. vctry20

    Watch your roommates....

    Man room mates FTL...been living by myself since I graduated college and there's nothing better.
  17. vctry20

    Hardest you have ever laughed in the theaters

    Anchorman. When Jack Black punted Baxter I think I blew a blood vessel in my head.
  18. vctry20

    Sacramento/Team 916 Chat Thread?

    I'm down to do a mini summit maybe next month. I know a handful of NTers in Sac personally, I'd be down to kill some beers or hoop or whatever with others.
  19. vctry20

    OFFICIAL #NT Twitter Roll Call

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