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  1. mks33

    play this game.. post your high score

    mad addicting, been doing this at work for the past 3 hours. post your high score! i got 20.75
  2. mks33

    Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama!!!

  3. mks33

    "Michael Jordan: American Hero" made-for-TV movie

    so i was at the dvd store yesterday and i see this dvd on sale for $2.99 does anybody remember this? it was a made for TV movie from like 1999. i bought it and it was one of the cheesiest things i've ever seen. dude doesn'teven look like him. and the bootleg basketball uniforms are...
  4. mks33

    chicago bulls expected to hire Doug Collins as head coach

    man.. i dont know how i feel about this one,1,4541691.story
  5. mks33

    Ten Yrs Ago -- 11/1/1997 xiii appreciation

    ten years ago tonight.. i was a HS junior. instead of going out to kick it with my buddies.. i slept in the night of halloween because the next morning.. the air jordan xiii was to release. here's to my favorite air jordan ever. Team Philippines Imelda was the original shoe head. TEAM...
  6. mks33

    NYC Chicken n Rice - 53rd n 6th APPRECIATION

    best meal in the city... especially at 3am when you're drunk as hell. Team Philippines Imelda was the original shoe head. TEAM CHICAGO BULLS
  7. mks33

    custom team basketball uniforms

    hey guys.. another "where can i get this.." question.. does anyone know of a spot in manila where my pops can have basketball uni's made for my fil-am bball team? would we get ripped off if i told him to go to Botak? TEAM CHICAGO BULLSSIX-TIME WORLD CHAMPIONS: 1991.1992.1993.1996.1997.1998
  8. mks33

    asia excl. lebron iv

    hey what's up... my dad is currently in the PI right now and i want him to bring me back some asia excl. lebrons. can someone hook me up with where in manila he can cop those badboys? thanks. TEAM CHICAGO BULLSSIX-TIME WORLD CHAMPIONS: 1991.1992.1993.1996.1997.1998
  9. mks33

    woodbury nike outlet 4/14

    i swung by the woodbury outlet today and just thought i'd let you kno of the notables - - ZK1's in shark and mpls colorways $34.99 (all sizes) and blackouts in certain sizes air max plus in black/red $69.99 (all sizes) penny iv in black/red/white, white/black, and all black $29.99 (all sizes)...
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