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  1. supersic97

    Georgetown 11 low next April

    just got the email from Shiekh :smokin only place ever i've had luck with raffles. lol.
  2. supersic97

    Air Jordan XI 11 Retro Low "Cement" June 2014 Release

    just got my email from shiekh! first time entering a raffle and i won. i'n hyped :smokin
  3. supersic97

    Where Does 'Saved By The Bell' Rank In Your All Time?

    grew up watching Zack, Slater and the gang. Still the G.O.A.T. show to me. :smokin with Boy Meets World at number 2.
  4. supersic97


    spend like the past 2 hours on this survey :lol :{ this won't end well. excited for the rumble though. fav ppv of the year :smokin
  5. supersic97

    Man of Steel (Superman Movie Thread) - June 14, 2013 - NEW Trailer pg20

    picked up 2 tickets at Walmart this morning. me and this other guy were like the only ones there. :lol they got most of the toys already up too. will probably pick some up little bit later.
  6. supersic97

    THE AMERICANS on FX -- Season 2 Finale: "Echo" ... Tonight at 10/9c

    when dude was hitting on his daughter at the mall..i was like man, this dude is either gonna get killed or beat up later...and sure enough :lol :hat love the 80s music. love keri russell. great show.
  7. supersic97

    52 Week Money Challenge ... week 26 of 52. halfway there...

    sounds interesting. i'll give it a shot.
  8. supersic97

    Wrestling Thread Dec 31-Jan 13 | 1/13 TNA Genesis PPV |

    Name: Russ Birth: 9.18.82 Loc: Central Cali Favorite Live Event: 2001 Summerslam in San Jose All Time Favorite Wrestler(s) Rock. Austin. Ultimate Warrior Current Favorite Wrestler(s) Punk. Bryan. Ziggler Other: 2012 Overall WWE PPV Prediction Contest Champ :smokin
  9. supersic97

    Last American Virgin

    Great movie! one of my all-time favs. the ending really is messed up. Gary deserved better. smh.
  10. supersic97

    Is there anything more annoying than cashiers making small talk to you about your purchases?

    i usually don't mind unless i'm really in a hurry. though most of the time i'm down to chat .
  11. supersic97

  12. supersic97

    Junior Seau committed suicide

    r.i.p. junior 
  13. supersic97

    How Long Are Your Showers?

    about 10 mins. 15 max. 
  14. supersic97

    AM Showers vs. PM Showers Vol. Which do you prefer?

    at night before i go to bed. 
  15. supersic97

    What are your 3 favorite TV shows right now?!?

    eastbound & down parks and rec modern family
  16. supersic97

    How fast can you run a mile?

    i did about a 6 min mile in high school no way i can do that now though 
  17. supersic97

    Heavy D Dead at 44 R.I.P. (1967-2011)

  18. supersic97

    No Fap November

    so far. so good 
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