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  1. eight2one

    50 Cent Hospitalized after Car Crash with Big Rig

    Why was he still riding in that infamous 03 Suburban??? prolly swervin, too many sips of henny
  2. eight2one

    Who has been kicked out at 18..?

    this, moving back was the worst, had even more rules and questions than when i was in HS
  3. eight2one

    If your favorite artist bussed your girl would you still listen to their music

    you know what grinds my gears?? when rappers keep talkin bout taking my girl!!! HOW RUDE!! I'm supporting your music, and you're dissin me by saying you'll take my chick.
  4. eight2one

    Cashed in change.....What to buy Vol. CoinStar Amazon Giftcard

    anybody know of banks/credit union with same machines that charge little to no fee? 12% adds up quickly
  5. eight2one

    Yall using one towel every few days or a different towel everyday when showering?

    just every 2 weeks when I do laundry. Am I the only one that takes a towel from every hotel? I built up my old towel collection from the gym
  6. eight2one

    Characters Who Got Away With It? No Ls in Sight

    Vic was that dude...but similar to Marlo, he lost something...His family I wish John Travolta's character in Taking of Pelham 123 would've gotten away with it....I was really pulling for him!
  7. eight2one

    California "dominates" list of cities with most stolen cars

    I work in one of those cities ...Just the other day at work I parked a car, go inside and 10 sec later a bum is trying to break into a Lexus suv in the very front row on camera
  8. eight2one

    alcohol purchase anxiety

    damn I never thought this was something bad....only time i was nervous was when i was underage praying I didnt get carded
  9. eight2one

    McDonald's Coke.....

    its the truth!!! and Pepsi too! that sugar is gooooood! 
  10. eight2one

    Im Moving: From New York to Orlando

    a lot of New Yorkers move to Orlando for some reason. Orlando is one of those cities where you'll prolly need a car....
  11. eight2one

    Body By Vi scam?

    if you get up to a certain level, you get a free black BMW....but sounds just like any other pyriamid
  12. eight2one

    What team's fanbase do you take the most pleasure in watching suffer?

    OSU Raiders Cleveland....their fans were theeeeee worst when they had LeBron
  13. eight2one

    NT, Can I Sue? Vol. Injury

    back to the water park, pretend to get hurt....then get medical attention to prove you were really injured.
  14. eight2one

    The day u lost ur Virginity ... Describe .......

    july 29, 2002.... 13, took the bus to the other side of town while my parents were closing on a house....smash in the basement...had no clue what i was doing...took the bus back, and my uncle was the bus about awkward when he asked what I was doing there
  15. eight2one

    NT Old Heads 25+: Going back to ya hometown...

    when I go back, it's know the place so well, yet it's nrefreshing in a way?? WHen I went back, I realized people and life goes on without you
  16. eight2one

    26 year old teacher 18 year old student, no charges filled

    Im so swag would be though out the roof if i was smangin a teacher(while i was in school...cuz i done teachers in my adult life)
  17. eight2one

    Is this simpin or being a gentleman?

    things i would do for her
  18. eight2one

    Anyone ever committed to staying sober?

    i start having withdrawls after day 5
  19. eight2one

    Age is just a number, mature cougers on the loose.

    i have a thing for "mature" women....
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