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  1. swyftdahoe

    Anthony Davis thinks he can stop Kobe

    that was hardly trash talk. that was just a #1 pick answering a question confidently. kobe will be "unstoppable" for as long as he's in the league. calm down.
  2. swyftdahoe

    If Everyone Lived Up To Their Potential How Would The Positional Rankings Look (NBA)

    VC would be compared to MJ and Kobe if he didn't have half a heart. Dude was that talented. His trajectory early on was that high. But we know the rest..
  3. swyftdahoe

    let this thread die (NYK)

    1) The problem with having both Amare and Melo on the court together is that they're both sub-par defenders 2) Stat is a much better center on offense than when he's lined up at PF. His greatest asset was always the speed advantage he had against centers 3) D'Antoni is the biggest culprit right...
  4. swyftdahoe

    let this thread die (NYK)

    Deferring-Lin is nowhere near as good as In-Over-His-Head-Lin. I'd love to see the kid go back to being a lot more aggressive.
  5. swyftdahoe

    let this thread die (NYK)

    Substitution patterns.. horrendous. Is it too late to fire D'Antoni?
  6. swyftdahoe

    NOOK or Kindle?

    I'll attest to that. I love my kindle (the one with the keys but the newer touch one would be fine too). Forget the kindle fire. Buy the kindle if you just want to READ (which is what I have it for). Get yourself a real tablet / ipad if you're looking to do more with it.
  7. swyftdahoe

    is there an excercise or two that will make my CHEST pop?

    Get yourself or something similar. For what your goal is, this should be more than enough.
  8. swyftdahoe

    Do you guys think this dude is pulling bunz??

    While he may be in our extremes, he's in someone's norm.. there's someone for everyone.. and I'm sure tons of chicks into this kinda thing.
  9. swyftdahoe

    Bobby Valentine , You Sir are a Clown .......

    That Jeter relay is the single greatest baseball play I've seen in my life.
  10. swyftdahoe

    Dwanye Wade is a dirty @! player

    THIS IS GREAT! WE NEED MORE CHEAP FOULS! I'M SICK OF ALL OF THESE STAR PLAYERS BEING BUDDY-BUDDY WITH ONE ANOTHER. I'm only half joking, of course. But it really would be better if these stars on opposing teams weren't so chummy with one another.
  11. swyftdahoe


    Congrats! Sactown had the best fans 10 years ago. Sure that could happen again if you guys had a better team to cheer for!
  12. swyftdahoe

    Is anybody really a Russell Westbrook fan?

    Play him at the 2 (ala Wade) and I'll be a fan. I just prefer my point guards to be much more unselfish.
  13. swyftdahoe

    Dwanye Wade is a dirty @! player

    Yup, never been a Wade fan. He always seemed shifty and underhanded to me. Especially the subtle remarks he'd make during interviews.
  14. swyftdahoe

    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    I think he's a point fighter just because he can't seem to do much damage to the bigger fighters in his division. Fight at 145 and I bet he'll be able to do some damage.
  15. swyftdahoe

    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    Can't understand how anyone can hate Frankie. Dude's definitely small for 155. That said, I'd be surprised if he could do anything to Aldo at 145 but if he does drop down.. I hope he gets an automatic title fight.
  16. swyftdahoe

    Ryan Braun - to be hit with susp for PEDs

    Braun did PEDs. Armstrong did PEDs. Wade probably does PEDs. Whatever. We ask these athletes to do crazy acts of athleticism for our entertainment. I don't mind one way or the other.
  17. swyftdahoe

    John Wall.....Bust?

    He's on a joke of a team.. one that's not conducive to improving as a player and professional.
  18. swyftdahoe

    [:NBA ALL-STAR Weekend Thread - NT's Post Game Debate: "Why Didn't Rose Dance?" (PG. 115+):]

    LOL!! Monroe!! I actually love that! Playing the spoiler!
  19. swyftdahoe

    Phil Knight Going In To Basketball Hall of Fame - Deserved?

    Easy He's affected every level of basketball. For good and bad.
  20. swyftdahoe

    So basically white women just look better right? vol. read 1st

    I'll take the 8+'s of each race and leave the rest behind. But that's just me being non-racist.. lol
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