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    No Lebron Hair Line Thread?

    (@ the gif)
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    For those who have a Bachelors Degree, how does it feel?

    feels good, confirms that I'm a capable...
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    Gif request: Camron swag walk from get em' girls followed by a "nope"

    that puff vs. dame dance thread had me on the floor
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    Graduate School!!!!!!

    1st class/day...depends on the program? But usually introductions, course overview 1st term...probably more reading than you are used to
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    kix is right though
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    Truth about the occupy movement...

    I tried, bruh, but Ima have to ask for cliffs too...
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    Wiz Khalifa X Bow Wow.

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    2 Words. Financial AID. vol :-O

    where is the Joakim Noah face pic lol I know I'll be looking like that as soon as I check my balance over the phone...nothing like direct deposit
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    How was your summer?

    excellent cakes...just not enough of it
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    Tipping Vol. Why am I paying you extra to do your job?

    I just pay the bill, and have my girl leave the tip
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    Posters closer to the age of 30....are you happy with your life right now?

    29 About to start the first year of my PhD (4 year program) wish I didn't take any years off between my B.A. and my M.A. Just broke up with my girl b/c I'll be in CA and she'll be in WA...pretty sad, but my friends say I'll soon forget about her Cannot really make, or save, money when in...
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    Why Is Gucci Mane So Consistent?

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    Kevin Durant's Tatoos - Lots of them - who knew

    yeah, but I doubt your bank acct does
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    The Official FIFA Soccer 12 Thread: Available now!

    Drogba's not on the cover? 
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    Just watched Paid In Full for the first time...

    love that movie
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